How to Remove Date From Google Snippet Results in WordPress

It has always been in the debate that whether to remove date from Google search results or not. Some people are against of it and some are in its favor. If I had to comment on this topic then in my opinion it totally depends on the content but in this post instead of focusing on should we remove date I would focus on how to remove date from google search results.

Yes, the content is a major factor and thus becomes one of the judges who decides whether it is okay to remove date from Google search results and snippets or not.

How Does Content Decide This?

how to remove date from google resultsThe above screenshot was taken just after 4-5 hours of publishing the article.

It does not make a difference that what is written on the page, the thing that matters is ABOUT what it is written. For 5 minutes suppose you are a user, now here I will consider 2 situations in which you’ll search about 2 different things. Suppose you searched for something that keeps on changing with time, for example “SEO”, you searched about search engine optimization and you know that it has changed a lot since years and it is expected to change in future as well, on searching for SEO you are given 10 results on Google some being months old, some being a year old and some being YEARS old which was written back in 2009 or 2010, now do you think you’ll click on that article which was written 6-7 years ago knowing the fact that it has changed a lot, no you will not.

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In the second case suppose you searched for a topic which is hardy expected to change since years, for example “How to eat”, this is the thing which is not gonna change, displaying dates on these kinds of article won’t be that much harmful. Mark my words I said THAT MUCH harmful, it may decrease the CTR in this case as well. In such cases it is better to show updated dates rather than publishing dates.

If you are a running a news website then my friend it is a must to show dates else you’ll not know when any particular event happened, thus keeping you in doubts.

We all prefer to click on the results which are the most recent among all. Recent studies showed that the old sites which were publishing since years were got penalized by Panda algorithm because of displaying dates (in SERPs not on the page).

How to Remove Date From Google Search Results?

Coming to main problem, how to remove date from google search results? Here I assume none of you is familiar with the coding, the theme editing etc. All you know is about Plugins and that’s what I am gonna use here.

Generally if you search the web then you’ll read about 2 widely known methods, one being for the Genesis theme specially and other being an outdated plugin. I will not tell about any theme editing here. What I am going to tell are 2 plugin only and their settings as well.

1.) Date Exclusion SEO

This plugin is outdated technically and is not updated since years but it still has worked on WordPress 4.3.1 and I have seen the results personally after a day or two in Google snippets.

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Install this plugin via your WordPress dashboard and activate it. You can download it from here.

Once you have activated the plugin, visit the plugin admin panel from the left sidebar, follow this path: Settings>>Date Exclusion SEO.

It will open up the settings page for you, just make these setting as show in below image.

how to remove date from google search results

Once you have made and saved the changes, wait for Google to crawl your site and you should see changes in the search results.

2.) Hide My Dates

This was plugin is updated and promises to work with WordPress version 4.3.1, I have tested this on one of my sites and it had worked too beautifully.

Just install and activate the plugin, download it from here.

Visit the plugin admin panel from the settings menu and made the changes according to you. Below is the example.

how to remove dates from wordpress post

Once the settings have been saved, wait for google bots to crawl and update the snippets.

These were the simplest methods ever to hide dates from google search results and prevent your meta description from cutting down in the search snippets.