How to Root Nokia x and Install Google Play Store

How to Root Nokia x and Install Google Play Store

Rooting the smartphone grants you the full access to customize the system files, allows you to modify every aspect of the phone, including firmware, system functionality and able to install third party apps, themes and custom ROMs.
Nokia X is one of the popular smartphone from Nokia brand which runs on a forked version of Android that has been redesigned to look like Windows Phone. By default, the Nokia X smartphone does not have the root access to the device. The rooted Nokia X has several advantages, such as enabling the user to customize and enable to install/download Google Play Store apk and Google Now Launcher onto the device.

With the simple steps mentioned below to root Nokia X, you will be able to install to Google play store and Google Now launcher after the Nokia X root process. Keep in mind that rooting Nokia X may void the warranty and can cause harm if not done correctly. So you have to be careful.

Here we go with the Nokia X root steps :-

Required Things To Root Nokia X –

* Download and install Framaroot app
* Download and install Root Explorer for File Explorer
* Install
* Download

Step by step guide to Nokia X root process –

After you have downloaded the prerequisite things follow these steps carefully.
I.) Run the Framaroot app, one or more exploit will be available in the app for rooting the device.
II.) Tap any of the available exploits to try rooting your Nokia X. A message will pop up on the screen teeling you whther the Rooting process has been completed successfully or not, if failed then try another exploit available.
III.) Once you have successfully rooted you Nokia X, load the root file explorer of your choice to enable changing permission for system files.
IV.) Download and extract the contents of file and then copy all the APKs within the package to the /system/app directory on your Nokia X by using file explorer.
V.) Set the permissions for the APKs to “Lectura”(read) for all and “Escritura”(write) for just the first one from top.
VI.) Reboot your Nokia X and install all the APKs from, just like any other app.

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Hope you are able to root your Nokia X successfully. If you have got any other way then do not hesitate to share it via comments.