How to secure computer using pendrive

How to secure computer using pendrive

In this article will get to know about how to lock computer using pendrive . Now a days we all want full security for our computers,not only computers we want to secure each and every gadget we own and we our best to do so in our way. For securing apps in android phones we download different security apps from Google play store,for securing our data in computers we hide folders,we make our folders password protected or sometimes we hide the full disk drive of our system. But what if I tell you about the method through which you can lock your computer access to anybody else with the help of a pen drive ? Yes,your heard it right, you can secure your computer with just a pen drive so that if somebody else other then you tries to access your computer without plugging in your pen drive then he/she will be shown a dialogue box saying “ACCESS DENIED” . Learn the method on How to secure computer with pen drive.

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So here is the method to lock computer using pen drive –
For this purpose you will have to use a software named as “Predator” . This software will allow you to make your pen drive a special key without which nobody can access your computer. Here is the list of some unique and quite good features of Predator software :-
* It can take the picture of the person who is trying to access your computer and then send it to you.
* It will send an alert message to your Email account if any unauthorized person tries to access your computer.
* In case you loose your pen drive even then you can have access to your pc as while setting up the software it will ask you to set a password and through that password you can gain access to you computer.

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Now after having a short look on the key features of the software let us start with the process –
i.) First of all download the software. You can download the Predator software by clicking on the below links –
Download Windows – 64 bit and Download Windows – 32 bit
ii.) Now insert the desired pen drive which you want to be the key to you computer.
iii.) After inserting the pen drive it will ask you to set a password. Just set a desired password.
iv.) When you open the software you will an option named as PREFERENCES where you can change your current password,this will help you out when you lose your Pendrive .
v.) If you want that everytime you insert your pen drive it should ask for the password then there you can also check the box “Always Required” .
vi .) Now if while using your computer you plug out the pen drive then the screen will get darkened and the mouse and keyboard will get disabled,so if you want to leave your computer while working just plug out the pen drive and take it with you.
vii.) The moment you will replug your pen drive the computer will come back to the normal mode.
This was all about it.

Hope you enjoyed the article about how to lock computer using pendrive.