How to set up a Dial up Internet connection

How to set up a Dial up Internet connection

Here in article you will learn about how to set up dial up internet connection. Now a days internet occupies a precious space in almost everybody’s life. Our all gadgets like desktops, laptops, mobile phones, tablets seems useless if we do not have an internet connection on them unless and until we have any offline work to do on them.


We normally use broadband connections which i think is not much comfortable so now a days every one prefers to use wireless connections but some face a problem to set up wireless connections. Dial up connection is one of the simplest method to set up connection for internet and you also get a good speed as well.So read out the below article to learn about how to set up Dial Up connection.

* Make a call to ISP (Internet Service Provider), the person on the call will give you a dial up phone number , username and password for your secure log in to set up internet dial up connection.
* Then after that click on start button from the desktop and open Control Panel.
* In control panel wizard look at the top right corner and the change the view to ” Large Icons”
* Then click on the option which says “Network And Sharing Center”

* A new window will appear as shown below –

* Click your cursor on “Set up a new connection or network”.

* Now select “Set up dial up connection” and click on Next button.
* After you click next a new window will pop up asking you for the information like dial up phone number,username and password. Fill up these entries which you got from the customer care when you made a call to ISP.

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* After you fill out the entries just click on “Connect” button.
* The set up will now inform you that you have completed your settings for the connection ,just click on finish button and you have got your connection set now .

Hope you liked the efforts and enjoyed reading the article about How to set up dial up connection.