How to shutdown computer from mobile phone

How to shutdown computer from mobile phone

This trick is about How to shutdown your computer with the help of your mobile phone. Actually after reading the trick you will discover that you can also perform some other functions along with shutting down the computer with your mobile phone. You will require a software to shut down computer from mobile phone.

So,let us learn how to do this –

First of all let us have a look at the requirements to perform this trick –
* Android phone
* Computer or laptop
* WiFi modem ( NOTE – your phone and computer should be connected to same WiFi router)

STEP 1 .) As I mentioned in the above paragraph that you will have to download a software to begin with this so here are the links to download :
* Download OneId For Android
* Download OneId For Pc/Laptop
NOTE – if you do not find any icon on your computer home screen then please navigate to this path –
C:\Program Files\oneID\bin
Here you will have to open oneID.Admin.exe

STEP 2 .) Now you need to authenticate . For this open oneID app on your phone as well as on your computer using above instruction.
STEP 3.) You will see a pop up dialogue box on your computer screen
STEP 4.) Once you start oneID on your computer you will see a code on the screen.
STEP 5.) Now on your Android mobile phone set a starting password (the password you will set will be asked every time you try to access your computer or laptop) and just enter the code to your mobile phone which you saw on your computer screen. Once you have authenticated successfully you will get access to your computer or laptop.

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Hope you learned the trick and enjoyed reading the article about How to shutdown computer with android mobile phone

Official website of the application –

Save time and get productive.