How to Transfer Text Messages from Android phone To Computer

How to transfer text messages from phone to computer

Text messages are a great medium to stay in touch with your known. Now and then you receive a lot of text messages sometimes from your friends, sometimes from family or many times from your lover. Keeping a backup and saving text messages on computer is a good idea in case you don’t want some important conversation to be deleted or keep some message as a proof. This article is all about it that how you can transfer text messages to computer.

Although there might be numerous of methods or apps available for this purpose but here I am going to show you the best methods to save text messages to computer that will work on almost all android phones. Here we go with the method for transferring text messages to computer :-

Transferring Text Messages To Computer

Method 1 :-

Using MobileGo for android phones
This tool is free and is compatible with almost all popular android phones like Google, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorolla and much more.
This not only allows you to import or export text messages from your android phone to computer but also allows you to delete some selected messages.

NOTE :This tool is available for Windows and MAC also and both the versions work in a same manner.

Lets See How It Works

I.) Download and install the tool on your computer and after the installation process is completed launch the program and run it.

II.) After that connect your android device to your computer via USB cable.

III.) Your phone will automatically get detected and after the detection it will displayed in the main window.

IV.) Once your phone is displayed all you have to do is look at the left side column bar, in that column you will see an option “SMS”, just click on that.

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V.) Now the option related to SMS will be on screen , from the top just select the import/export option to transfer text messages to computer or to save text messages to computer in.xml or .txt format.

Oh Shit ! I don’t have USB for my phone right now. What should I do now ?
If this was on your mind then the solution is there for you, the good news is that you can connect your phone to phone via WiFI, for that purpose you have ton install MobileGo.apk file on your android device, after installation use this mobilego.apk file to scan the QR code on the desktop MobileGo to make the connection between phone and PC.

Method 2 :-

Save Text Messages To Computer

This method also uses a software which needs to be installed on your PC and afterwards it will be automatically updated whenever needed.

The name of the software is ” Coolmsuter Android Assistant “.


You can say that this is one in all app with many features available for you.
All you just need is to download the software and it will guide you the further process and steps you have to take further.

Method 3 :-

Backup Text Messages

This one is different as in this you have to download an app on your android mobile device to transfer text messages to computer. Like all the above methods this one is also very simple and easy to do. Lets begin with this one :-

I.) First of all download SMS Backup & Restore to your android device.


II.) Once the installation is completed launch the app.

III.) Click on Backup tab sown on your screen now.

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IV.) Select the desired options displayed in front of you after clicking on the Backup tab and create backup.

V.) Now connect your android phone to your PC via USB cable.

VI.) Open your SD card in your computer and look for the backup you created and save it in your PC. ( It will be of the formats .xml or it can also be .txt or .html )

How To read .XML SMS on PC? :-
Usually the SMS stored on computer via android phone is in the format .XML, .txt or .HTML. The txt and HTML formats can be read easily but for the .XML format you will have to download a tool called Notepad++, it is a free source code editor. With this you can read .XML messages easily on your PC.


NOTE – Don’t edit .XML file while reading on Notepad++, it may damage the file.

Conclusion :-

Here we have got three methods to transfer, save and backup text messages to computer. All the 3 uses different things to do so. You can even use software described above to transfer text messages or you can even use the app to transfer text messages by making a backup.

All the above three methods are very easy to perform. Now it is your choice which one you prefer, in my recommendation I would suggest you to avoid app to transfer text messages as for that you would also have to download Notepad++ to read XML files as mentioned above, but to backup text messages you can use that app with your eyes closed. Tell us which one you used and liked the most.