How to Unlock Android Phone Screen Lock pattern

We all like to have some extra layer of security on our android phones, most of us use the screen pattern lock to lock our android phones. This locking tool from android developers is very useful for those who want to keep their data a secret and want nobody to touch it, but holy shit, you forgot your pattern , now what ? The smartphone will become inaccessible as you can’t do anything until you unlock it but the question is how to unlock android phone ? Have no fear when GoBabyGo is here, we are gonna tell you the method to unlock the screen pattern lock of android phone.

How to Unlock Android Phone

how to unlock android pattern


Sometimes it also happen that after trying too many times and putting wrong pattern again and again your smartphone asks you to enter the Google mail ID which you have used for the play store in locked phone, but in case you have not enabled data connection then the phone will not be able to connect to internet thus showing the failure message. In that case this trick for how to unlock android phone may help you out. We are gonna tell here both the methods for your ease i.e unlock android phone without Google account and unlock android phone Using Google Account.

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Unlock Android Phone Pattern Without Google Account

No need to visit any service center or mobile repair shop and pay them the amount for this simple task which can be done at home. just follow the below steps carefully, I repeat carefully.

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i.) This will delete all your data

Now lets begin with the method. Just a few couple of steps and you are done. Here we go :-

I.) Just switch off your android device and wait for couple of second to switch it on again.

II.) Now press together ” VOLUME UP KEY + POWER KEY + HOME BUTTON ” at the same time until the phone boots.

NOTE :- If your phone does not have home button then you can use Volume up key down key with power button but first you will have to look for combination of buttons for factory reset for your android phone model, you can get this info on the web easily. The use those keys for booting up the phone.

III.) Now you will see a screen like DOS with various options.

IV.) Your the volume keys to move the cursor up and down and then select the option “Restore Factory Defaults” or “Delete all User Data”.

V.) After clicking on the settings above again scroll down to “Reboot System Now” and wait till your smartphone reboots.

This was it, as simple as that, you have lost all your data but eventually have got your phone back in a working condition.

Unlock Pattern lock Using Google Account

It is always advised to enter a valid email id in the play store while making accounts, the one which you always remember, as it can save your data getting lost by using the above trick. Lets proceed with this method :-

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I.) When you try to put pattern and its wrong 5 times continuously then you see two messages one is “Try Again” and the other one is “Next”.

II.) Click on “Next” button, after that you will see two option again, one will ask you to answer the security question you provided and the other one will ask you to provide the Google account attached with the phone.

III.) If you have set the security question then its good enough as you can now unlock it quickly, just answer that question correctly. If you have not provided any security question then check the Google account option and hit “Next” button.

IV.) Now enter the Google account details associated with the locked smartphone correctly and hit “Sign In” button.

V.) After the successful operation you will be re-directed to choose a new pattern and now you can unlock your android phone with this new pattern.

That was all about it, you have now full access to your android phone. Hope the methods worked for you.

Hope you have got the answer to you question that how to unlock android phone. In case you have to go through Factory reset method then I would advice you to enter the email id which you can remember to save your data.