How to unlock Data Card or USB dongle

How to unlock Data Card or USB dongle

Here in this article you will get to know about how to unlock dongle. Internet has become now an one of the most important part of our lives. Every second work we do in our day to day life requires internet. For accessing internet facilities most of the people prefer 3G Data Cards or USB Dongles as broadband requires wires connection and if you are a traveler then these Dongles are the best to be used by you as you would not have to worry about the internet connection for your work. Today companies like Micromax provides the Data Cards through you can access internet with any SIM card but what if you have the Data Card of the company which do not allow you to use any other SIM on their device. Then in that case you will have to unlock it. Here I will tell you 2 ways on How to Unlock USB donngles :-
Way 1 :-
* This method requires DC unlocker.
DC unlocker is a software for unlocking USB dongles or data cards. Within a few seconds it will unlock your data card.
Follow the steps to use DC Unlocker –
i.) First of all download and install Dc unlocker to your system – CLICK HERE to download.
ii.) Now connect your Data Card and select your manufacturer of the device and model (Use auto detection)

iii.) Scan for your device and click on Unlocking >> Unlock
iv.) This was it and you are all done.
NOTE – This is a paid service,you will have to buy credits for unlocking your Data Card or Dongle.

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i.) First of all download and install UNIVERSAL MASTER CODE – DOWNLOAD
ii.) Connect your Data Card with any other SIM than the default SIM which it supports and enter the IMEI of the data card there. ( You can find the IMEI code on the back of your device )
iii.) After that click on CALCULATE button which will provide you a unlocking code and a flash code. (NOTE – Note down both these codes as you will need it in further steps)
iv.) Now you need to download Huwaei 173 Firware Update – Download .
v.) Install the Downloaded firmware.
vi.) If asked for the unlock and flash codes then enter the codes which you just noted.
vii.)Now you need to download another software named as Huwaei Dashboard or Huwaei Mobile Partner  – CLICK HERE to download.
viii.) Now follow the path and create a new internet profile in Huwaei Mobile Partner – Tools >> Options >> Profile Management.
ix.) In profile just enter the access name and APN details.
x.) Enjoy your internet now.

Hope it will prove to be beneficial for you and you enjoyed reading the article about how to unlock Data card or USB dongle.