How to Use Keyword Suggestion Tool For Keyword Research

How To Do Keyword Research using Keyword Search Tool

If you have patience to read then this article is going to teach you something very very very useful.
Keyword Research ! Keyword Research ! Keyword Research ! Heard about this term thousands of times but still confused? Hundreds of keyword suggestion tools and methods available but don’t understand what to opt for. How to do keyword research?

If you have started a website or blog just now without any knowledge about this field then believe me you are very lucky that you are getting this info at the starting stage otherwise some people like me got this after making numerous mistakes and almost losing the website and the hope that it could rise ever.

This article will teach you how to do keyword research in an effective way. For this purpose we will be using a keyword suggestion tool here which I personally recommend rather I should not limit the tool to keyword research as it has a lot more to give to you.

What actually is Keyword ?

In simple language its just that you are asking search engines to rank your particular article or website to rank for the search terms you decide but let me tell in you advance that you should not decide it according to your mind. The how to do it? For this you have to read further my friend.

Why Should You Consider Yourself Lucky ?

As I mentioned earlier you are quite lucky if you just stared your blog or website without any knowledge and you are reading this article which is one of the base for ranking and earning online.
Talking from my personal experience I was not as lucky you are as I had to spend my 7 months working making continuous mistakes and then finally learned something about keyword research.

The Mistakes I Did

I am sure you won’t able to control yourself from laughing if I told you about my mistakes but seriously I want to tell about those.
When I entered into this field I had completely no idea what to do, it was just like asking a newly born baby to speak 10 different languages.
Let me explain you with an example –
You can clearly observe that this website is about technology and somewhat blogging. In the starting days I wrote an article about ” How To Run Android Apps on PC “, so according to you what should be the keyword for which this article should be optimized ? Run android apps to PC? How to run android apps on PC? and something like that, now see what I did –
How would you react if I say that I tried my that article to rank for the keyword Tom cruise or Shahrukh Khan? Yes,you read it right, I actually did that. You must be laughing right now thinking that what is the relation between running android apps on PC and Tom Cruise. Even I am also laughing right now writing this as I know that the keyword should be relevant to the post.

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Then How To Do Keyword Research ?

Now I am going to answer your question. For this purpose we will be using here one of the most popular and accurate keyword suggestion tool available. The next question in your mind may be – Is this tool free or paid? Right ? So let me tell you that this software is available in both the versions ” Free” and the “Paid” as well.
The software is called as – ” TRAFFIC TRAVIS
If you can buy the paid version well and good but if you can’t then don’t be disheartened as the free version provided will do a really very satisfactory job for you.
Although the Traffic Travis software can perform various functions but we will be taking our objective here only Keyword Research.

Why Should I use Traffic Travis ?
You might have heard about Google Keyword planner or Google Adwords to plan your keywords then why to use this one. So I would answer you that I too checked it that whether the results of Traffic Travis and Google Adwords tool differ or are they same. The good part is that I found it almost same, yes there were some variations but they can be neglected for sure. As this article is about only a specific software so I will be discussing about other methods later in another post.
Requirements for Traffic Travis ?
* A computer
* Installed Traffic Travis latest version
* Internet connection with a good speed

How to Use This Tool ?
* First of all download the latest version of Traffic Travis and install it on your computer.
* After the installation is completed open the software and set up a new project where you have to enter info about your blog/website.
* After the set up is done, then choose the article about which you want to write according to the niche of your website.

Let us suppose your website is about ” Relationships ” and you want to write an article for ” The Worst Ways To Break Up With Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend “, for this you have to find the keywords.

* In the following image you can see the pic of Traffic Travis and an option named as ” Research “. Click on this Research tab.

keyword suggestion tool


* It will look like somewhat shown below, type in the highlighted column your keywords, like according to your article we will write : worst ways to break up, ways to break u with your girlfriend, ways to break up with your boyfriend, break up ways etc etc. ( NOTE – In the free version you can enter 5 keywords only per search )

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* Just below the Fetch Button in the above image you can see there is an option called ” Advanced Setting “, click on it and you will something like shown in the below image.

keyword suggestion tool


* Here you can choose the country for which you want to see the results. Below that you might be seeing 3 options : Broad , Exact and Phrase. For best results it is advised to keep this setting on ” Exact “. After it is done click on OK.

* Now you have entered the keywords for you article and have done the advanced setting,it is the time to fetch the result, for this just press the ” Fetch ” button.

* After your search is completed it will display the list of keywords relating. You can choose your keywords for you.

Still Reading ?
If you are still reading the article then I must say you are great as you have the hunger to learn and desire to win.Good Going, Keep it up.

How To Choose The Right Keyword From This List ?

It is obvious that you cannot optimize your article for this long list of keywords, if you did it will be considered as spamming as many of the keywords displayed in the results are of no use.

* The table shown will display the global count in the first column, this is the search number per month which you have to consider while choosing the keyword, it should not be less than 200 at any cost rather it should be much more than that.

* Next thing you have to consider is Competition. In one of the next few column it displays the competition for a particular keyword and it would be a sign of stupidity that on a brand new website you are trying to rank for a keyword with High competition , look for the relevant keyword with low competition or medium, mark my words I said relevant keywords.

* If you are indulged in CPC programs like Google Adsense then you have to consider that the keyword you are selecting has a good CPC.

* Now if you have selected your keywords then make a list of those keywords separately and use them in you article.

This was all about keyword research using keyword suggestion tool thus giving you a method to rank for a particular keyword after research. You have finally got the keywords for which you can rank and get visitors.

It took me hours to write this post for you, so if you liked it then I will love to hear your thoughts and comments below.