How to Use Your Pen Drive As Virtual RAM

RAM – Random Access Memory is the memory of our device which helps us run our programs . It executes each and every process of our system but sometimes we all face a problem while performing some tasks on our system and that problem is “Not Responding” problem which means that the program we are trying to run is not able to perform it’s function,this problem usually occurs just because RAM, Paging and Cache memory is less than the required for your app.
But you don’t have to worry as here is a concept of virtual RAM,this virtual memory is not good as your real memory of the system but it’s sufficient so that you can run your apps efficiently.
Now let us see that How to make a flash/pen drive virtual RAM –

* First of all Insert Your Pen Drive into the system. Let the system read it.
(NOTE – Delete all stuff from the pen drive before starting the process)
* Then open “My computer” and Right click >> Then open “Properties”.
* Now Properties window will pop up, then click on “Advanced system settings” from left side.

* Then in “Advanced” Tab click on “Settings” Button appearing in “Performance tab”.
* Again new window will pop up, then click on “Advanced” Tab.
*  In Advanced Tab click on CHANGE button appearing in Virtual Memory column.

make your pen drive ram

* After clicking the Change Button “Virtual settings” will appear.
* Now unchecked the box of  “Automatically Manage Page size feature”
* Then in Custom  size Add Your Pen Drive’s size as shown in below format.(this size depends on the free space in your pen drive,you can change it according to your pen drive)

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make pen drive ram

*  Now Add same “Value” in both boxes and click on Apply/set button.
* Then it will ask you to restart your system so Restart Your PC or Laptop with the pen drive inserted.