How To Watch Youtube Videos Online Without Buffering

Watch Youtube Videos Without Buffering

Youtube means Video. Officially it is the most used video sharing network in the world. Youtube has more than 5 million unqiue visitors every month. When you to watch any type of video you just head towards Youtube but watching youtube video with low internet connection is really depressing and annoying as it take a lot of time to buffer online videos, are you facing the same problem? No worries, you are at the right place for your next technology dose. Here I will introduce which will let you watch youtube video without buffering if you have a slow internet connection.
Here I will introduce two tricks which will answer your question – How to watch youtube videos without buffering.

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How To Watch Youtube Videos Without Buffering


Watch Youtube Videos Without Buffering By Increasing Local Storage

Very simple and easy method. Which will take your only 10 – 20 seconds to perform.Follow the steps :
i.) Open the video you want to watch and then right click on that video.
ii.) Select ” Settings ” option.
iii.) After you select Settings a box will appear on the screen, from there click on the ” Folder Icon ” shown below.
iv.) Just set the Storage to Unlimited, for this you just have to scroll the slider to the right side.
v.) After you did it close the box, now watch it you will surely see some sort of improvement in the streaming.



Use Youtube Feather Beta To Reduce Buffering

Feather is a feature to improve the viewing experience of the users. It cuts out the unimportant things which takes time to load such as embed codes, share boxes, which will help the server to focus on the video instead of those unimportant things from user point of view.
It is still in beta stage but it is under development. It does what it promises to do, will definitely improve your viewing experience by reducing the buffering time.

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