Best Internet Speed Test Websites and Apps For Free Net Speed Test

What is my internet speed? Nobody takes the net speed lightly these days, everybody want a fast speed internet connection and why not since internet has become one of the basic needs for humans, you cannot simply function without internet, can you? Thinking of it also gives you a 1000 volts shock. What’s more irritating than a running nose? Slow internet, isn’t it? Wanna try it, then give the best and free internet speed test websites and apps a try, they can determine how fast is your internet at present.

internet speed test

There is a huge possibility that your ISP is not providing you the speed for what you have paid them and that needs to be tested, how? Simple, just use the internet speed test sites and see how much speed you are getting.

Internet Speed Test Tools

There are numerous tools available, hundreds of apps for smartphones but you can’t try them out individually,since results may vary for every website so it is recommended that you use the most trusted and best site to test internet speed. Here are some of those net speed determining websites and apps.

All of them are free, that’s for obvious who would pay just to check the internet speed. We have mentioned the exact website name which you can copy and paste in your address bar.

Few FAL Tips:

test internet speed

  • Always perform the test at least 2-3 times, just to be sure, since there can be an error sometimes.
  • Never expect the net speed to be upto mark, for exmaple if your ISP says the speed will be 10 MBps then don’t expect it to be exactly 10.
  • Don’t sit in a room where your device doesn’t catches signals properly.

1.) by Ookla

how fast is my internet

This is one of the most trusted and accurate internet speed test website which is used by millions every month. The results of this website are almost accurate. It’s easy to use and the results are quite quick, you won’t have to wait for too long, the download and upload speed are shown simultaneously, no need to do separate tests.

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The interface is also appealing, usability is finished, you just need to press the “Begin Now” button and it will take care of the rest.

Platform: Web, Android and iOS.

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You can see what the whole domain of this website says “Test My Net”. Although all the websites perform the same thing i.e “Performing Internet Speed Test”, this one is slightly different, do you seriously want to keep an eye on what speed your internet service provide is offering you? Then you should definitely go for this website.

You can check the download and upload speed individually or you can also set it on automatic mode, which you can set from 5 minutes to 24 hours, as per your specifications and settings this internet speed test website will check internet speed of your ISP at every interval you have set.

You can either set the automatic mode for download, upload or both.

Talking about the results, then it will give you almost zero chances to complaint since it shows the results which are almost accurate and you can definitely rely and trust it’s output.

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Few Other Sites to Test Internet Speed

You may find many other but not every site gives out the exact results, here are some few websites which are not as accurate as the above ones but their performance is also considerable.

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dsl net speed test

DSL reports is a unique website to check internet speed, before beginning the internet speed test it ask you the type of connection your are using like cable, satellite, fiber etc. Based on that it starts the test.

But keep one thing in mind while using this DSL speed test site, do not change the tab, the website says it may cause faults in the results but in actual the test just stops on changing the tab, so keep it open until the internet speed test has been completed.

Not only internet speed test, it also provides other useful tools like IP checker which you can use for IP address lookup, Whois tool and bandwidth calculator. All of it’s tools are very useful.


This HTML5 based website is a nice tool for net speed test. Since it is built with HTML5 so will be able to access all of its features on phones as sell. The test starts as soon as you open the website, no need to press any button. You can either let the tool select the server or change it according to you.


check internet speed

You may feel like as if you are riding a bike, the interface is something like the speedometer of a bike. The results are okay, it may display the results in Kbps instead of Mbps. The download and upload tests are run simultaneously.

Conclusion of these net speed test sites:

All these internet speed test tools are reliable but if you want to go with our recommendation then should be the one. Rest depends on your preference like for automated tests you can use What internet speed test tool you use?