IP Address Lookup-Track Your IP With or Without Any Tools

There are various ways you can use to track your IP address, for example you can get an app for your smartphone, visit a website to detect your IP address or use any of the methods below for IP address lookup.

We’re gonna tell you some ways which are easy, convenient and time saver, rest depends on you what is the best method for you to get an IP lookup.

IP Address Lookup

Like said in the title, you can know your IP address with or without tools, for that purpose we have divided the ways into two categories:

ip address lookup

1.) Without using tools (not really, you’ll get to know later).

2.) Using tools.

IP Lookup Without Tools

i.) This is not really a method without tools or website since we will be using here Google, it’s a website but still just opening Google won’t take much or your time, don’t worry you don’t have to open any other website via Google.

It might have happened sometimes that you entered a search term and Google displayed the result immediately and you don’t have to go for any other site, we call those answers and “Instant answers” or “Knowledge graph”.

There are some exact search terms that will give you your exact IP address immediately as soon as you hit the search button. Here are those terms:

  • ip
  • my ip
  • ip address
  • what is my ip
  • whats my ip
  • my ip address
  • show my ip

All you have to do is type any of these in the google search box and it will display your IP address immediately. There is no need to open any other website for that.

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ii.) Another method which uses a tool but for one time only, after that there is no need to open Google even.

my ip lookup

Just install this chrome extension and every time you want to know about your IP address, just click on it’s icon in the toolbar, along with your IP it will also display it’s Geo location and DNS info.

Find IP Address With Tools

Although the above methods also used some sort of tools but that’s for one time only, like just opening opening Google and installing extension, it’s for one time only, afterwards you just need to click.

If you still want to use some tools then you can either visit some websites or you can install an app on your computer or smartphone.

Here are some useful and reliable tools you can use for IP address lookup in a matter of seconds.

IP Address Lookup App For Chrome

We’ll be making a shortcut here for your computer. Follow these steps:

1.) Install this chrome app on your chrome browser.

2.) Chrome app will open automatically the moment you add it to chrome.

3.) From there look for the app icon you just installed and right click on it.

ip lookup

4.) Click on “create shortcut” and select the location you want to place the shortcut on like desktop, start menu.

5.) After that every time you wish to know your IP address then just click on that shortcut. This is how you can access chrome apps easily.

IP Address Lookup Sites

There are some sites which gives you the same result like other reliable tools, in short these sites are trustworthy, you can check your IP address at whatismyipaddress.com, whatismyip.com.