List of Top Fake Email Generator to Get Free Temporary Emails

Why do people use fake emails? You know your needs that’s why you are here on this page. Sometimes you don’t want to use your original email address for the purpose or you don’t feel safe providing your genuine email ID then these fake emails come to the rescue. But what sites will give you an anonymous and temporary email? Well!! Our question, our answer, the below listed fake email generator websites.

If you think preventing your inbox getting spammed is the only benefit of using fake and disposal emails then you are loosing much of your benefits, ever come across a deal when recharge and e-commerce companies provide some sales which are available to only unique email addresses? If you have ever come across these kinds of deals then there is no need to elaborate further. You may use these to get free trials of web services as many times you want. Needs may differ, that’s not important, important are the sites that’ll help you out.

Best Anonymous and Fake Email Generator

If you come across any problem while accessing any of the below listed sites & services then drop us your problem via comments.

fake email generator

1.) Yahoo Mail !

One of the largest and trusted email service also gives you an option to use disposal emails in case you don’t want to publicize your real email ID. Yahoo officially does not call it “Fake Email”, rather it calls these as “Disposal Emails”.

Disposal emails in Yahoo mail consists of two parts: Base name and keyword.

These emails are written in form like: [email protected] Which simply mean you have to create a base name and keyword to get a fresh and new disposal email address.

Keep in mind you can have only one “Base name” and around 500 keywords per account. All of your emails will look like: [email protected], [email protected] etc. You can notice, base name remains same but keyword may change. Choose your base name wisely and with open eyes as you can’t change it later.

To create disposal email addresses, follow 2 simple steps:

i.) Open you Yahoo mail account, if you don’t have then create one.

ii.) Once you get into your mail box, click on “Settings” gear icon from the top right corner and click on “Security” tab. After that you’ll get the option to create base name and keywords.

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You can send and receive emails using these email IDs.

2.) Sharklasers

Easy to use, no need to do any extra efforts except for visiting the website. It will show you the email address, just click on “Copy to clipboard” and use it wherever you want, the page updates every 10 seconds in case you receive any mail in the inbox.

No need to register or sign in, just use it. Try out this fake email generator service here.


Another service which you may feel like is a part of the above one. They both are same, with no difference at all. If you want to donate them then you can do the good work by donating bitcoins as well.

If you are not comfortable in English then it’s also available in 14 other languages.

4.) YopMail

No need to wait for system to generate a random email, this service lets you check the email address of your choice. Enter the name you want and see if that’s available, if available then you’ll be redirected to the inbox page automatically.

Gives you a button to refresh and check for new arrivals in the inbox. Easy and free to use. Check it out here.


If you are wondering why the name is 10 Minute Mail, then this is because your email address collapses after 10 minutes automatically, that doesn’t mean you are dependent and bounded, if you want some more time then they give you an option to get 10 more minutes to work, no need to pay anything for that extra usage.

Nice and clean look makes it easily navigable, try it out.


Chances are that you’ll fall in love with this website because among all it looks most advanced and clean. It looks professional and they use HTTPS secured connection which adds an extra security layer and trust.

You can check any inbox if you remember the email address. Here is the link to website.


Another fake email generator that looks good after mailinator. This doesn’t give you an anonymous email address as soon as you visit the site, you have to hit the “Get Temporary Email” button to grab one.

As soon as you hit that button, it will take you to the inbox directly with your fake and temporary email address written on the top of the page. Here is the site.

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Either go with the ID they give you or write down your own, it’s completely your wish. This gives you the simplest look ever for any inbox you have ever seen, no useless advertisements, no animation, absolutely nothing except for your email address, inbox and some instructions.

Unread messages will stay in the inbox only for 3 days, after this period those will be deleted automatically. Give this fake email creator a try here.

9.) Discard.Email

The default language for this fake email generator is not English but you can translate it. It gives you more than 20 domain extensions to choose from. Type in the “Alias” of your own wish and check out the inbox.


You may have already heard of this name as a popular VPN service, if you want to check out more proxy websites like this then check out this post.

It is just like creating a new account, fill in the email address you want, choose a password, and create an account for free. You can also add your real email in case you want notifications on arrival of any new mail in the temporary email inbox.

You need to select the time period while creating the account for which this email address will be live and working, minimum is 24 hours and maximum is 12 months. You can create an account here.


Nothing complicated, just visit the webpage and you will see the fake email ID allotted to you, copy is, use it and wait for emails to arrive. The system is constantly checking for the new mails in the inbox and it works like charm. Easy to use and trustworthy.


It is available in over 20 languages, type in your desired name or go with the random one they provide to you. Their mailbox is simple to use and navigate. Here is the website.

You can share which fake email generator you use to get free anonymous and temporary emails. All of the above are completely free to use. The list of these temporary email inbox will keep on updating with time.