What is My Location? Know Your Current Location and Address

Undoubtedly Google maps does gives an answer to “What’s my location?” but sometimes it may show error, for example you can know about your current location but it does not tell you about the exact postal address of the place you are at present, you can do so by tapping the blue dot it shows as your location but doing this will show you the address where you tapped and since it’s done manually so tapping could be wrong.

There are some mobile and web apps that give you the automatic closest possible location and address without asking to tap manually on the place, this deceases the possibility of getting wrong address, however human tapping would be also be very close to that but if you can have alternatives then why not.

How May I Know My Location And Postal Address?

where am I

There are multiple ways to know that and all of them depend on Google maps, the only difference is you have to select the location manually in Google maps and others tell you by tracking.

1.) Google Maps

There could be no better alternative to Google maps as all other web and mobile applications are made using it’s API, so this should be the first option as your location and approximate address finder. For those who don’t know how to get the address of your current location:

1.) Open Google Maps and click on the button which looks like this at the bottom right corner of your mobile/computer screen:

my location

2.) Give it the permission to track your location and it will highlight your place with a BLUE DOT.

3.) If you are using it on mobile then keep pressing that blue dot until it show the address at the bottom of the screen. If you are using it on computer then just click on it once and it will highlight the address.

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CONS: Like said above, this tapping is done by you manually so it will give you the approximate address which would be very close until and unless the person who is tapping is not drunk (hands are not stable in that state).


If you want a web script which could be the best alternative to Google maps then this is the one you should use, developed by Indian award winning blogger & developer Amit Aggarwal. All you have to do is go to the website and grant it the permission to track your location, once it shows your location you can click on “Show Postal Address” and it will show it within a few seconds.

my current location

An ultimate tool for location and address lookup.

CONS: Didn’t worked smoothly on mobile browser.

3.) Where Am I Android App

There are literally hundreds of apps which promises to tell your location but not all of them works properly, the accuracy level is not that great but this one shows almost same results like that of Google maps and CTRLQ’s “Where am I”/ “What is my current location” web app.

Just install this small app and open it, allow for the permission to track and it will display the location and address simultaneously. It also has distance calculator, either enter an address manually or select the locations from the map, it will show the distance before you blink your eyes.

You can view the locations in 4 modes: Normal, Hybrid, Terrain, Satellite.

All the three of them have the best accuracy in terms of tracking location and fetching address of any location. It surely will give the answer to your desperate, short and urgent query “My location?“.