Remove Duplicates From PST Files – Outlook Duplicate Remover


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On October 26, 2015
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One of the best tool which remove duplicates like emails or other Outlook items from a PST file or multiple Outlook Data Files.

Desktop email clients store emails in the local email file. This file comprises of all the email data including emails, contacts, calendars, etc. which is store locally in the system. MS Outlook application, which is a well-recognized email client and is popular amongst several users store the email data locally in a specific email file known as PST file. This PST file has some storage limitation like any other email file and if this limit is reached the file shows inappropriate behavior with the application. Outlook application can become slow and sluggish and the file also has chances of severe corruption. Outlook Duplicate Remover serves a brilliant mechanism using which one can easily remove duplicates from the Outlook PST file. This software has an easy interface and can be utilized very easily. Software is also embedded with multiple features which help to bring out the best results in removing the duplicate items.

How To Remove Duplicates

  • Once the .exe file is downloaded successfully and executed, the installation of the software begins. Once the software is installed, it can be launched to begin the process of duplicate item removal. The first window of the tool will be displayed as shown below. The interface is quite easy and equally efficient. One can follow the self-instructive options and perform the duplicate removal without needing any expertise help.
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remove duplicates


  • As soon as the software is launched, click on Add File option in order to add the PST file. You can also click on the Add Folder option if you want to add multiple PST files from the available folder. If you want to remove any file which has been added, then you can select the file and click on Remove option.Software offers duplicate removal technique for all the data types and components like; emails, calendars, contacts, etc. and all these data types are checked by default to check the file for duplicate items under these categories. If you want to perform the de-duplication process on specific data types only, you can check/uncheck these categories as per requirement.

how to remove duplicates from microsoft outlook

  • Outlook file duplicate remover provides two types of duplicate removal options:Within Folder(s) and Across Folder(s).Within Folder(s): This option provides duplicate item removal for items belonging to the same folder. For instance, if any email is available in the SENT item folder twice, one copy of it will be removed keeping only one copy of the email.
  • Across Folder(s): This option works on same duplicate removal mechanism but will remove the duplicate items across folder. For instance, if the INBOX and SENT item folder is having any particular emails then the email will be removed from one folder. Only one copy will be retained in the PST file.

outlook duplicate remover to remove duplicates


  • You can choose the software to save the processed file to destined location. For this, click on Browse option and provide the destination path where the PST file will be saved. Once the process of de-duplication is done, the PST file will be saved to the provided location automatically.
    Software creates new PST file and no data is changed or manipulated in the original Outlook file. So the original file remains intact without any changes in it.

remove duplicates from pst file

Once the file is saved an overall status will be as a CSV file with basic information about the duplicate removing process done on the Outlook PST file.

Added Benefits of The Outlook Duplicate Remover

With a perfect working strategy, software comes with some more added benefits like free trial version to test the software working. It is also backed up by expertized technical support which means that any issue with the software working or anything else will be resolved which again adds up to advantages of the tool. Another most important feature of the tool, which is highly beneficial is its extended support for all the versions of MS Outlook PST files and Windows versions and hence the tool can be executed on any version of Windows OS and allows de-duplication for ANSI or Unicode files.

However, the product is restricted to remove duplicate items from Outlook PST file only and does not support any other email file format for duplicate item removal. But users needing duplicate remover for Outlook storage file will find this utility completely suitable for the need of duplicate item removal. Overall performance of the tool is commendable and for basic need of duplicate item removing from PST file, it is good.