Photo Zoom For Facebook Chrome Extension

Zoom Any Pic On Facebook Without Opening it

Have to open a pic on Facebook to have a close look ? What if I tell you that you can zoom any pic on Facebook just by hovering your mouse over it ? Yes you read it right, you can zoom a pic on FB with this simple method, jut you need to hover your mouse over that photo. Here I have got Photo zoom for Facebook.

Facebook is the social networking website where lots of people spend their time reading posts, looking at the pictures their friends uploaded. If you want to see someone’s profile picture then you have to click on it in order to see full size thus time consuming but with this Photo Zoom For Facebook trick you just have to point your mouse to that profile pic and it will be zoomed for you without having any need to click on it.

The method is quite simple for which you just have to download a chrome extension in your chrome browser and you will be done. So here we go :-

Photo Zoom For Facebook

zoom photo

I.) First of all Download and Install Photo Zoom For Facebook Chrome extension from Google web store.

II.) Once you have installed the extension you will see another tab opened in your browser confirming installation of your extension.

III.) Now you can open your Facebook to see how it works.

IV.) On your Facebook wall, you will see a small box added just beside the chat box, which means that your extension has been successfully set up and is working properly.

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V.) Now it is the time to test the chrome extension, look for the picture you want to zoom, hover your mouse over that pic and you will see that the pic will zoom for you.

VI.) Congrats your extension is working.

VII.) In case you want to uninstall the chrome extension just click on the box beside chat box or visit extension page in your chrome browser to disable it.

You are all done with it. This was all about Photo Zoom for Facebook  chrome extension through which you can zoom any pic without clicking on it, just hover over. Hope you have got you ans to the question – How to zoom in on FB pic ?