Phree Pen – Finally A Smart Pen To Write On Any Surface

Pen – Yeah, we all know, obviously an input device we all are aware and comfortable with, with a pen we can write on paper (mostly) but wait what if a pen can write for your smartphones, tablets and even can answer your calls ? Sounds great, this wasn’t true and couldn’t happen until OTM Technologies dreamed of this revolutionary technology, Phree Pen – that can write on ANY surface and that too for giving input to your smartphones.

If you aren’t aware then let me tell you that smartpens were also available before Phree but with certain limitations for example there is a smartpen , Livescribe’s pen but it requires kind of special paper to write on which is definitely not the case in Phree, this pen promises to write on any surface for your phones even on your hands.

The creators have come up with a great idea to let people kick off the limitations, like in case of Livescribe, who can carry the paper or object needed for writing through smartpen all the time ? No one. The creators wanted that people should not worry about taking anything else with them other than Phree, you can write on anything see around.

Structure Of Phree Pen :-

This is how it looks :

phree pen

The OTM Technologies have given it a shape like that of a carpenter’s pencil or cutter so that it should be easy for us to hold and write on.

Technology Phree Uses :-

3D laser and bluetooth : It uses the smallest 3D laser interferometer whose patent is with OTM, the founder company of Phree, which is crammed in the tip of this smart pen and connects with the Bluetooth enabled devices, the company claims that it can also work for laptops, and some TVs as well.

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Not only this, the company claims more than this : The Phree pen can also work with cross-platform programs like Adobe Acrobat, Evernote, OneNote which is really awesome.

phree pen, phree smart pen, phree smartpen

This smart pen also allows you to answer your calls as well. Isn’t that amazing for a pen ? I think so.

Lets have a look what the co founder said about it and OTM :-

“We invented our OTM technology years ago and spent years, and a lot of money, to make it a mature technology that exceeds the specifications required for a really good input device. But we realized that the market for Phree didn’t exist 10 years ago,” said co-founder Gilad Lederer.

Which clearly states that Phree has been a dream for OTM since years.

He added :

“Phree was a nice PC accessory years ago, but not an essential input device. With the proliferation of smartphones and interactive TVs, and the fast growth of smart watches, wearables, internet of things and augmented/virtual reality, we realized that we have the input solution to many of these devices that fall short on this front.”

The booking for Phree pen have already been started and some bookings have already been made by tech crazy and loving people, you can pre-order Phree pen from Here.

The company started a campaign for the funding of Phree pen and raised a very good amount as well.

Release Date Of Phree Pen :-

The smart pen is believed to be available in 2016 mid (near about) and is much more cheaper than Livescribe’s smartpen.

Here you go with the complete intro for Phree Pen:

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