Remove URL From Google Search Results – How to Guide

It is quite easy to remove URL from Google search and sometimes quite necessary also to remove URL from Google like in the case you want to remove archived pages of your domain which plays a negative role in overall SEO of your website/blog. There are different ways you can opt to remove URL from Google and that is up to you that which one you prefer, I am gonna tell you about both of them.

Remove URL from Google

remove url from google

Although it is quite obvious but still I would like to tell you that what would you require to remove URL from Google, here they are :-

1.) Internet Connect

2.) URL you want to remove

3.) Webmaster Tool for that particular website – This one I would like to elaborate a little more, first of all if you haven’t set up the webmaster tool for your site, do it now and come back again to this article. Click Here to create an account on Webmaster Tools. You will need this to remove a particular URL from Google search results.

4.) Access to the WP Admin area of that site (this is for another method)

Now, you have got Webmaster Tools or access to the WP Admin area, continue to remove that URL :-

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METHOD 1 :- No-Indexing Those URLs (2nd one is better than this)

For this method you will require access to WP Admin area, you have to visit that particular URL in your WP Admin area and add it to no-indexing using your SEO plugin. Remember if you no-index any page or URL then Google bots will never be able to crawl it. I would personally recommend you to use the later one method.

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This is the perfect and best method ever to remove your URL from Google as it is simple, risk free and 100% genuine, you cannot have any doubts that will the URL be removed or not, it will be for sure. Follow the below few steps :

* Visit Webmaster Tools and Log in to your account.

* From the list of all your websites, click on the website whose UR you want to remove from Google.

* Now, from the left side column click on “Google Index” (if you don’t see this then look for “Crawlers Access”), a drop down menu will appear, from that drop down menu click on “Remove URLs“.

* A page will open up asking you for the particular URL you want to remove, enter it and remove it. That’s it, it may take up to 24 hours to completely remove your URL.

You have successfully removed the URL from Google search results.

Hope you have understood it and have done it successfully. If you still have any further question regarding how to remove URL from Google then please do not hesitate to ask, leave your comment and I will be there for you.