Restaurants Near Me-Find Food Around You on Any Device in 5 Seconds

Gone are those days when you had to ask other people for the restaurants or hotels around. Use the technology as the magic lamp of Aladin and order it in the way “Tell me the restaurants near me” and it will give you the solution quicker than genie would give to Aladin. It’s quite simple and hardly takes even 10 seconds of yours.

restaurants near me

No matter what device you are using, no matter what operating system your device uses, you can get the best answers and restaurants near you along with directions, if you are at a new place, well you can check your address and location here.

Are There Any Restaurants Near Me?

Chances are yes but you need to know the location of those hotels or restaurants. We’ll be using here 3 methods,namely:

  • Asking Google.
  • Asking iOS Siri.
  • Asking android Google now.

Let’s just start with the number 1 method.

Asking Google for Places to Eat Near You

This method is on the number one spot since it works for every device as Google is accessible on all browsing devices be it an apple product, android phone or Windows. There are some terms which can give you direct answer and tell you the places where you can get food nearby you.

Just open your browser and type these terms as it is in the Google search box and you will get the list of restaurants or fast food hubs near you with the directions in the knowledge graph and you would be able to get the directions to any place just by clicking over it.

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Use these direct terms:

  • Food near me
  • Restaurants near me
  • Places to eat near me
  • Restaurants
  • Delivery near me
  • Fast food near me
  • Food delivery near me
  • Restaurants nearby
  • Find restaurants near me

Using these terms on Google will give you direct results within a second, other 4 seconds will be consumed in typing (depending upon your typing speed).

You can also visit Google maps and type the same query, the results will be same.

Locate Restaurants Near You on Android

If you want to save time and get results faster then use Google now voice search. You may see an icon (see below image) on your android home screen, just press on this and speak any of the term listed above, shortest ones are “Food near me” and “restaurants near me”.

find restaurants near me using google now

Finding Places to Eat on iOS Devices

Like Google now is popular among android device users, Siri is popular among iOS users. Whatever iOS device you are using, iPhone or iPad, ask Siri to locate restaurants around you.

food near me on Siri

1.) Press the home button to activate Siri.

2.) Once activated, just ask your query, you may use the same keywords “food near me”, “restaurants near me” or”places to eat near me”.

It is as simple as that, for those who are using any other OS like windows phone you may use the Google trick since it is one of the best and can answer your query “restaurants near me“.