Set Video Live Wallpaper On Home Screen of your Android Device

Set Video Live Wallpaper On Home Screen of your Android Device

Android platform allow you to set a live wallpaper which shows some sort of movements and it looks quite good as well. But have you ever wanted to set a video as your wallpaper? What if I tell you that you can set a video as you wallpaper? How about a collection of videos? What if I tell you that you can even choose that the videos played on the home screen are played at a random order or with the sequence you decide ? Wouldn’t it be interesting and unique to see live videos running on your home screen?

This article will help you to set android video live wallpaper.  After reading the method you will be able to set video as wallpaper on your android device. This may drain the battery of your device but worth trying at least once.

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So here we go with the method to set video as wallpaper on android device :-
For this purpose we are going to use an app, although there are any for this purpose but I would  recommend you to use most popular one and most preferred one.
I.) First of all you will have to install an app named as ” Video Live Wallpaper
II.) After the installation process is completed and the app is successfully installed on your android device its time to change the regular wallpaper to the video live wallpaper. For this go to your home screen and long press there to open  ” Set Home Screen ” dialogue box. From the menu, choose Wallpapers and then select ” Live Wallpapers “.
III.) Now select ” Video Live Wallpaper ” from the list of Live Wallpapers.
IV.) Now you will a ” Settings ” option under live wallpaper screen, just tap on this button to select you wallpaper’s video source.
V.) Now on the settings page, go to Live Wallpaper Preferences >> Video Source. To select a video from your mobile choose the option ” File or Directory “.
And if you want to set a ready made video from the app directory then select the option ” Application Provider “.
VI.) The video formats must be 3GP or MP4.  After selecting the live wallpaper video source you may also change its preferences.
Select ” Set Wallpaper ” to confirm your selection. Now just go to home screen and you will that your video is being played on screen.
This app less battery than other as it suspends itself automatically when you are working on some app or your phone is locked.

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So this was all about it, try this interesting thing on your android phone and see something different whenever you unlock the phone.