Setting Up Gmail In Outlook – 2 Methods With Pictures

Microsoft Outlook comes really very handy when it comes to sending and receiving emails because you don’t need to open up your browser every time and log in time and again to send or read multiple mails but how to connect gmail with outlook? For that purpose here is complete guide on setting up gmail in outlook.

Although I am considering here Microsoft Outlook 2007 but in case you are using 2013 version then don’t worry because except the first step, everything is same as it is.

I will be telling you two methods here, first one being the automatic method in which you’ll be asking outlook to automatically connect using the encrypted method but most of the times it fails to connect, for that we’ll need to set it manually which will  be our second method i.e setting up gmail in outlook using IMAP.

If you are thinking that this will be tricky then let me make you relax by telling that it is as easy as opening your email account in gmail, to make you understand more easily I have attached the images with almost every step you’ll need to take. Lets proceed :

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Setting Up Gmail In Outlook

1.) The very first step you need to take is open your browser, visit G-Mail, log in to your account.

2.) Once you have logged in, look at the right top corner, you will see a gear button, click on that and select “Settings” like in the below image –

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setting up gmail in outlook

3.) Now you are on setting page, from here select “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” and enable IMAP from here and click on save changes at the bottom, look at the below image.

connect gmail with outlook

4.) You are done with G-mail settings, you may close it if you want. Open your Outlook program now.

5.) Now if you are using Outlook 2013 then follow this – Click on file >> Click on Add account from Account Information page.

If you are using 2007 version then follow this – Click on tools >>Account Settings >> Under Email accounts, click on NEW.

Both the above methods will show you the same screen, now enter your credentials like shown below and click on “Next”.

setting up gmail in outlook

6.) It will start connecting to the server which may take few minutes. If it succeeds then well and good but if it shows something like this then click on “Back” button.

setting up gmail in microsoft outlook

7.) Here on this page, check the box which asks you to set up account manually and hit next, like this –

set gmail with oulook

8.) Click on the option to add email via POP/IMAP, follow this image :

setting up gmail in outlook desktop

9.) Now fill out the screen like this and then click on “MORE SETTINGS”.

  • Incoming mail server:
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

gmail server setting for oulook

10.) From More Setting page, click on Outgoing server and do the settings like shown below.

method for setting up gmail in outlook

11.) Now click on advanced tab from here and fill out these fields :

  • Incoming server: 993
  • Incoming server encrypted connection: SSL
  • Outgoing server encrypted connection TLS
  • Outgoing server: 587
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how to set up gmail in outlook

12.) Click on “OK” button and then click on “Next” button.

13.) It will start connecting to the server and will show you the success message in couple of minutes. You may also receive a mail from outlook after the set up is successful.

That’s all, you are done with it. If you face any problem then do not hesitate to drop a comment.