Some Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid Doing

Harmful Black Hat SEO techniques

Google continuously change and update it’s searching algorithms to provide better results. Internet marketers make use of SEO techniques for higher search rankings but it is fruitful only when done in a legal and correct manner. Black Hat SEO Techniques – the illegal one, the unethical one from which you must stay away to prevent your rankings on search engine like Google.
As you keep on moving towards more advanced SEO techniques you will be introduced to tactics that will increase or decrease the traffic and side by side harm your search engine rankings, these tactics are given a name – Black Hat SEO, these tactics can be easily detected by Google’s algorithms like Panda and Penguin.

List Of Harmful Black Hat SEO Techniques

Follow this simple and easy to understand list and strictly apply them as well as this can prevent you from getting penalized.

Below are Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid :

1.) Cloaking –

Most known Black Hat SEO tactic, it refers to the practice of cheating the search engine by showing different content and taking your website’s users to some different web page or content. It is nothing but one of the spamming tricks. When Google’s updates detects these kind of websites then it results in harming the rankings or even getting banned from the search engine completely.

2.) Duplicate Content –

This is one of the worst Black Hat SEO tactic, in simple words, Google hates duplicate content.Google’s algorithms are made to index the unique and original content only. Your focus should be on creating unique and original content as Google index original content only once, and all the duplicate content goes to waste.

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3.) Link – Exchange –

Performing this illegal technique can really cause harm to your website’s ranking. This used to be useful earlier but not now as Google’s algorithms can detect these kind of activities now. Instead of exchanging links you should focus on building links naturally as most of the time exchanged links are low quality. No doubt exchanging links will get you so much links in a short time but would definitely poor your rankings and will throw your work on SEO in dustbin.

4.) Keyword Stuffing –

With Google’s ranking algorithms this technique is not useful anymore. Including keywords after every second sentence will make it look spammy, which will not only annoy crawlers but also the human visitors. Only relevant keywords should be inserted that too in a balanced manner.

5.) Buying Links –

You must come over many ads saying that they will provide you links for a few dollars and if you are thinking of buying such links then wait a minute, read the next sentence before doing that. Google’s Penguin Update, this works in locating such spam websites who buys links in exchange of money. After the release of this Penguin update many sites suffered in terms of rankings, now would you like to buy links? I think your answer is a BIG NO.

6.) Low Quality content –

Along with duplicate content Google also hates low quality content and will affect your rankings. Not only Google, low quality content sends away the human visitors as well, so it is better to write original, error free articles.

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7.) Over – Optimization –

Making your website over optimized can harm your search rankings on search engines. Working on the SEO in a natural and simpler way will not only improve your ranking but will also provide a user friendly experience.

8.) Hidden Text –

It implies like having black text on a black background which will not be visible to humans but not is the case with search engines. Bots can identify these very easily. Before Google locates hidden text and penalize you for it, it is better for you to ensure that the logs and source code are hidden text free.

So these were some of the Black Hat SEO techniques which will result very badly if found on your website. There is no short cut to success, it may seem easy and an easy way to rank in a short time but be ready when karma and Google pays back, just one Google Update and your website will be flushed over.