Start Menu Shows Nothing on Search – Windows {Fixed}

Recently I had a problem with my windows 7 laptop, whenever I tried to search for anything it showed me nothing, absolutely nothing. I tried to make it correct, followed different methods, tried to figure it out what made that happen but could not do anything. Start menu shows nothing because of different reasons that may differ for you.

Ultimately I decided to visit some forums to see if there is a solution to that problem, yes there were solutions, I tried them all but nothing worked. Now what? Either I could call someone from the service center or spend some more time on it to replicate the problem.

Start Menu Shows Nothing {Error Fixed}

The method I am about to tell you is the one which worked for me.If it doesn’t work for you then please go for something else.

This is how my start menu used to show me for searching anything:

start menu shows nothing

Cyberlink is a software installed on my laptop and on searching for it showed me nothing, the same results were appearing again and again on search for anything.

Finally I figured it out and found that this was due to a registry key which need not to be there in the system and yes that’s what I did, deleted that key, rebooted the system and problem solved.

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Follows these steps:-

1.) Press “Windows+R” keys together to open the Run dialogue box.

2.) Type in “regedit” and press the enter key. This will open the registry editor from where we have to delete that key.

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windows 7 start menu shows nothing


4.) In this folder “FOLDER TYPES” you will see a key “EF87B4CB-F2CE-4785-8658-4CA6C63E8C6”.

start menu shows empty, registry key editor

5.) Select this key, right-click and hit the Delete option.

4.) After you have deleted the key restart your system and now you can see the start menu working properly and responding to the search queries properly.

Hope this has worked for you too like it did for me. Keep in mind that this registry key may appear again, all you do to is delete it again. I have seen that this method didn’t worked for everyone so try at your own risk. I have tried it only windows 7 till now.