The android apps which lets you watch youtube videos in background

Play Youtube Videos in Background

You are watching or  listening to a music video on YouTube but are distracted by email notifications.You switch to  Gmail  to check your mail and the YouTube video stops playing after that. You have to switch to the YouTube app  to resume playback which definitely hinders the interest.

This is a limitation of the YouTube app on Androids. It automatically stops video playback as soon as you move it to the background and you have to resume it again. The same is true for the YouTube mobile website as well. The video will play as long as the web browser – be it Chrome or some other . Switch to a different app and the video will pause.

The YouTube app for iPhone and iPad too offers a similar restriction but you can easily get around that limitation by playing YouTube videos in the Safari browser.
Play Youtube in the Background on Android phones

The iOS trick however won’t work on Android but there exist even simple workarounds in the form of applications.Google Play store has several apps that support background playback thus letting you use YouTube as a music player, here are some of them:

The uListen app has a simple interface and minimal features which is what I like most about this app.You just need to use the search button to find videos and playlists on YouTube and hit the play button. You can also tap & hold a search result to favourite it or to add it to your playlist.This app doesn’t link to your YouTube account and all your playlists and favorites are saved locally.

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Then there are apps like SuperTube and Viral that more like clones of the official YouTube app except that they also let you watch or play YouTube videos while in the background.You can also create local playlists or can connect these apps to your main YouTube account and access your playlist, watch later queue. Another feature is that you can do a vertical swipe on the video to increase or decrease the volume.
Both Viral and SuperTube offer a floating video player which essentially means that you can pull out a YouTube video and place it over any other app. You can read the New York Times in the browser and watch a movie on YouTube simultaneously. It lets you choose a different video in the queue from the floating player itself.

watch youtube videos in background

A major downside of the previously mentioned uListen app is that it doesn’t offer autocomplete mode so you have to the type the entire search terms manually for relevant results. YT Player, another YouTube audio player, fixes this problem. It pulls in search suggestions from YouTube and you can look up for videos, playlists or even channels.