Top 10 Blog Directories to submit your blog

Top 10 Blog Directories to submit your blog

Here in this article you will get to know about Top 10 Blog directories to submit your blog. Blog Directories are the type of directories or websites where you can submit or list different types of blogs.Blog directories are one of the best way to get some traffic to your website or to promote it. If you own a blog and also have good content on it but unfortunately you do not have traffic to your blog then in that case blog directories could prove beneficial for you.It will produce some quality back links for your blog and that will help in raising the visibility of your blog.You will find many web directories over the internet but many of them are considered as spam which might down rank your blog and prove bad for you as well as your blog.These type of directories also have a bad effect on SEO performance.
So it is really necessary for blog owners to use those directories which top most search engines like Google loves to crawl.…bmit-your-blog/.html
What are the Benefits of Submitting blog to directories?
i.) Helps to increase traffic for your blog
ii.) Helpful in crating back links for your website
iii.) Boost up your blog in search ranking
Now here is the list of the directories to submit blog :-

1.) Technorati
It is one of the most popular blog directories over the internet where blogs are submitted on specified subject matter.It is a free directory and you can easily submit your website here and start gaining traffic.

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2.) DMOZ
It is an ODP i.e Open Directory Project.This directory can provide quality back links for your website/blog.For submitting your website to DMOZ you have to be original and should have quality base content on your website.While submitting your website to DMOZ do not forget to select proper and right category of your website otherwise your application might get rejected.

By submitting your blog to this directory you can increase your ranking and get quality back links also.

Blogcatalog provides you a platform where you can spread or share your information to the other bloggers as it is a social blog directories.It is easy to submit your blog to this directory.

It is a free and easy to submit directory.It also provides you some other features like blog search,forums etc.

To submit your entry to Blogorama you just need to create an account to the directory and submit it.It is also a free directory to submit.

The name itself of the directory tells that it is a globe of blogs where numerous number of blogs are indexed.

One of the directories to submit your entry.This website works differently when compared to other.

You need to create an account on this directory/website to submit your blog.

It is a MerchantCircle company which provides the best experience to their users.

So this was the list of top 10 blog directories where you can submit your blog/website to reap the benefits from your blog.Hope you enjoyed reading and got something useful from the article Top 10 Blog Directories and will find this blog directory list useful.

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