Top 10 free Data Recovery Software

Sometimes we delete the data which we didn’t wanted to or suddenly needs the data which we have deleted earlier.
To help us in that case we have some software which can undelete the deleted data on our system.
Here is the list of top 10 free data recovery software-
1.) Recuva– This software is the best and free data recovery software. It’s very simple to use. This software can recover the files from memory cards, hard drives, external drives, iPod & CD/BD/DVD discs. Recuva can recover data in Windows7, 8, XP, Vista, Server 2003/2008, and also the older Windows versions such as 2000, 98, NT & ME.

2. Glary Undelete
It’s very simple to utilize.Glary Undelete consist of the simple “Folders” view.. Glary Undelete can easily recover files from all removable discs you may have including memory cards and many more.

3. Puran File Recovery
It’s extremely simple to use, scans any drive which Windows sees. Puran File Recovery will recover even the lost partitions if those have not been overwritten yet. Puran File Recovery does require an installation. Windows 7, 8, Vista & XP are supported OS(Operating System).

4. Pandora Recovery
It’s simple to utilize. A highly developed “Surface Scan” is also available in the Pandora Recovery that must recover more number of files as compared to standard search provided that they are of popular format. The Pandora Recovery list supports for Windows XP, Windows 7 Vista, Server 2000, and2003.

5. Restoration
Restoration data recovery software is quite similar to other free undelete applications on this list. Restoration can easily recover files from all external drives like USB, Memory card, hard drives. The Restoration supports Windows XP, Vista, 2000, ME, NT, 95, and98. Restoration doesn’t require being installed.

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6. SoftPerfect File Recovery
It’s very simple to search for any recoverable files. It can undelete files from memory cards, hard drives and other devices. Any devices on your PC which stores data (except CD/DVD drive) must be supported.

7. FreeUndelete
It’s name describes itself – it’s free and undeletes files! FreeUndelete is another superb data recovery software, very similar to the other undelete programes in this list. FreeUndelete will recover the files from storage devices inside or connected to the PC.

8. Avira UnErase Personal
After its installation, you’re just a single click away from viewing all deleted files on your drive. It can easily recover files from memory cards, USB drives, hard drives etc. As per Avira’s documentation, this program must work well with only Windows 2000 Pro and Windows XP but it can also work on Windows Vista.

9. CD Recovery Toolbox
It is totally free data recovery software. It is meant to recover the files from corrupted or damaged optical drive discs like DVD, CD, HD DVD, Blu-Ray, etc.

10. ADRC Data Recovery Tool
It is free, tremendous file recovery software. It officially supports Windows 2000, 95 & XP.