Watch Your Favorite Youtube Videos Without Buffering

Goodbye Buffering, Hello Youtube Offline

There were some methods earlier also to watch YouTube videos without buffering but that was a little bit messy, you have to do some settings for that particular video and then you can watch it with improved buffering, mark my words I said improved, the buffering was still there but less but this is the finest thing ever to watch YouTube videos without buffering, you know why ? Its because this feature has been now officially provided by YouTube app.

This is the time to say Goodbye to buffering and welcome YouTube Offline. Watch your favorite videos anytime, anywhere without having to wait for that circle moving in the center (buffering) if that video.

In case you want to see the old method to watch YouTube videos without buffering, then you may visit this go baby go post.

At present there are thousands of videos that can be done offline. You may have to look for this perchance. Here is what you need and how can watch YouTube Videos without buffering.

Watch YouTube Videos Without Buffering

Things You need to watch YouTube Videos without buffering :-

* YouTube App, which you can download from your App Store.

* Internet Connection ( NOTE – You need internet connection to browse the video only, once you have found that then you don’t need internet to watch them, HOW? Read below for this .)

This is what you need to watch YouTube videos without buffering. Now let me tell you how it works :

1.) First of all download the official YouTube app from you app store or play store.

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2.) After you have got the app, open it and browse your video there.

3.) Found your video ? There you will see an “OFFLINE” button, just tap on it.

4.) That’s all, watch your video offline without buffering.

The Below sequence of images describe it completely in case you are confused. Have a look at it :-

This is very useful for YouTubers: Check this useful post about YouTube right now.

watch youtube videos withoout bufferingOpen YouTube App

watch youtube videos without bufferingTap Offline Button

watch youtube videos without bufferingWatch Video Offline

FAQ’s :-

Q) What is the Offline feature?
The Offline feature allows you to watch videos over and over again, without buffering or internet connection. You can add videos to your device, and see them inside the Offline section of your YouTube app.
Q) How do I Offline a video?
Touch the Add to Offline    icon below the video, or select Add to Offline from a video’s context menu    to get started. Remember, you need to be signed-in to be able to Offline videos.
Q) On what versions of the YouTube app can I use the Offline feature?
You can use the Offline feature in all the latest versions of the YouTube app (10.0+ on Android, 2.16+ on iOS). Upgrade your app now to start Offlining videos.
Q) Where can I find all the videos that I have Offlined?
An available offline  icon will appear below the video once it has been added to offline. To access videos or playlists that have been added to Offline, touch Offline in the Guide menu.
Q) Will my mobile data be used for Offlining videos?
By default, videos are only added to Offline over Wi-Fi. To allow videos or playlists to be added to offline over mobile networks, go to Settings > Background & Offline and un-check the box next to Add over Wi-Fi only (mobile data charges could apply in this case).
Q) Can all videos in the YouTube app be Offlined?
While a majority of videos in the YouTube app are available for Offlining, you may find that some videos are not, and are marked with the  icon. We continue to work hard towards making more and more videos available for Offlining every day.
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Now you have got everything to know about this feature, its time to share this with the world. Go ahead.