What Song Is This? Best Song Identifier to Know Song Names

For a music lover the real problem occurs when they desperately want to have a song but are unable to remember the song name, it’s artist, the album, movie or anything else related to that song. Sometimes you are just trying very hard to know what song is this but your every attempt fails. Technology is there to help you identify any song even if you don’t know the lyrics, we call it Song Identifier.

You might fall in love with these song identifiers since they are solving one of the biggest mystery in your head right now i.e “What Song Is this?“. It would hardly take a few minutes to gather the information about any song, all you need is the tool mentioned in our list.

Tools to Identify What Song Is This

Now allow us to introduce you to the tools, apps and websites that will be not less than a boon for you. All of them are free to use, no restrictions or limitations.

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1.) Midomi

This is one of the best tools which has a huge database of music songs and tunes. Most of the times you don’t know the lyrics, album/artist/movie name but still you can hum the song, this is what this tool does.

midomi song identifer

You just have to hum the song, it will find the song in it’s database and you are most likely to get the song name instantly. Visit the website, click to hum and search, allow it to use your camera and microphone access and start humming the song tune, hum for at least 10 second, for best results keep humming until the tools stops itself and make sure you are loud enough to let the website detect your sound.

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2.) Name My Tune

namemytune song recognition website

Don’t think you are alone and only you are facing this problem, there are hundreds and thousands others like you who are searching for their music and songs, so why not join them, get help for yourself and help them find their songs.

It is community of people where you can either upload your tune, your humming and other people will listen to it and will give you the song name if they know it.

Helping others should also be done, you can listen to other people’s tune and try to help them if you know the song. One of the best community based website for identifying songs.

3.) Wat Zat Song

Another community for song lovers and song name seekers. Just sign up on the website and upload your tune sample, it will be love on the website, other people will listen to it and comment the song name if they know it.

You can also go Premium if you are too desperate to know the song name else keep it free.

What is The Name of This Song

Until now we used tools and websites which used our own voice and we could get the song name by just humming the song tune.

Now, what if you have tune clip of just 2-10 seconds, it becomes tough since you just have a small section of the tune, in that case there are some apps and websites which could get you the song name with that a few seconds tune.

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1.) Shazam

shazam app

This is one of the best song identifier app which is available for android, iOS and windows also. It has come a long way since it was initially released with better functionality and database.

Even if you have a 2 second tune, it will detect the song and display the full track. With over 100 million downloads only on android it has become one of the most loved and appreciated song identifier app to know what song is this.

Now you can use the apps to discover new music as well, so it’s no more an identifier only, it’s among the best music download apps.

2.) Musipedia

what's this song

Another web based tool that is good enough for finding and searching song and tune names. You can find the tune name by entering it with flash based piano, Java based piano, by dragging the mouse or just by whistling the tune through your computer using microphone.

All of the above music and song identifier apps are quite good to know what song is this, they are most likely to give the best and most accurate answers and you won’t be disappointed by using them. Get any of the above song finder and recognition tool and start searching your music and tunes.