What Time is it? Know Exact Time For Any Timezone Anywhere

It sounds totally a mess when your system/machine displays wrong time or when you visit a different region across the world and don’t know the exact time, well there is a simple way to know “Ask someone around you!” but sometimes you may not have anyone around you or you are a kind of person who trusts internet more than humans, doesn’t matter! The matter remains the same “What Time is it now in this region?”

There are literally  couple of ways that can help you know the exact and current time in any timezone and any part of the world and we’re gonna show you here.

There are hundreds of resources to know “What time is it” but are those sources reliable? Don’t give it a thought, here are listed some reliable sources and ways to get all the time zones and local time on the go.

What Time is it Now Here?

All the sources mentioned here can show you various countries time, good for you if you’ve traveled to some other country or timezone. For those who are travelling you’d definitely like to pass your time while watching movies or listening to music since it is one of the best way to kill boredom.

1.) Use Google Search

No one can say “I can’t trust Google”, everybody does across the whole globe. There are some simple queries that can help you know the current and exact time of the place you are standing at right now.

Just visit google and type in it’s search bar “Current Time” or “What Time is it“, this will display the exact time in knowledge graph like this:

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Or if you want to know time in any particular region then just type “Time in (your location)”, don’t put double quotes or brackets.

what time is it

This is only for you – Where Am I? Know Your Current Address.

 2.) Easy Clock Chrome App

This is for those who want to know times around the world on computers or laptops. If you have scheduled a meeting or have an important work to attend according to different timezone then this might prove very helpful for you.

In this method we’ll help you add a desktop icon to know the time anytime and anywhere and of any location. Just install this chrome app and visit chrome://apps, you can see “Easy Clock” added on the page, now every time you can’t open chrome and then visit the URL, so just right click on that app icon in chrome://apps and click on “Create Shortcut”, add it to the places like desktop, start menu and your work is over. You can access any chrome app from your desktop.

If you want results in your preferred language then you can go for this app also, the method to add it on desktop is same as before.

3.) For Android Users

If you are on an android phone then an android world clock can help you track your current time in your location. The best part is the app is not even 1 MB in size, so it won’t take even a minute to install. Free to use and displays correct time. Get the app here.

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These are the easiest and fastest ways to help you know “What time is it“, irrespective of the place you are at.