Highly Useful Wifi Analyzer Apps Android and iOS Users Must Install

Time has changed, earlier there used to be computers only that could be connected to internet, now almost every advanced and modern device can be connected to internet be it mobile phone or television, that too without any wires, this is possible with the help of Wifi technology. If you have got the Wifi installed at your home, office or anywhere else then there is also a need to monitor wifi network in your place, WiFi analyzer apps comes handy in that case since you can monitor WiFi network with your phone only.

Most of the laptops and other devices today comes with inbuilt wireless network adapters (Wi-Fi adapters) which makes it more easier to connect, this became possible as the prices for Wi-Fi chipset continued to drop (and are very economical today due to this price drop) so that modern gadgets can be loaded with this technology and stay economically affordable side by side.

We know Google app store is loaded with millions of apps and every category has hundreds of thousands of apps and no one can deny the fact that many of those apps are a piece of crap only that does only one job perfectly and that job is annoying the user.

That example is sufficient in itself for convincing you to get the best wifi analyzer for your device so that your face doesn’t meets your palm time and again. These apps can be used as a complete wifi network monitor that gives handful of features and control over your network and other network’s information.

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Free WiFi Analyzer

wifi analyzer app

1.) Wifi Analyzer by Farproc

One of the highly downloaded apps in this category, the WiFi analyzing app that has been downloaded by over 10 million android users shows itself the popularity of the app, the average rating for this app has been 4.4 which clearly says how satisfied the users are with this app.

wifi network monitor

What Does This WiFi Analyzing App Do?

This is basically an app that gives you details about the WiFi channels around you and with the data and graphs it gives you can find the less crowded channel for your WiFi network to optimize it in a better way. The app is quite light in weight and has a size of only 2.3MB which won’t take much of the phone’s memory.

The apps will provide you information about IP address, MAC address, signal strength, security apps of all the signals around you. You can set it to automatic scanning and decide the internal in which it scans again to locate new signals and networks.

If you understand graphs then it also provides you one where you can see all the signal strength in a single graph. It also gives you the meter which displays the WiFi signal strength, lower the readings, stronger the network. Indeed one of the best free wireless network analyzer. Download the android app from here.

2.) Freemium WiFi Analyzer by Home WiFi Alert

free wifi analyzer

This app comes in two versions, free and paid. The paid version will stop showing ads on your devices and will cost you around $1.

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It is an all in one WiFi analyzer app that can perform various functions, be it testing WiFi signal strength, testing your own connection and it’s speed, blocking some devices, DNS lookup etc.

Here are some of it’s features you will get in both free and paid versions:

  • Network Discover Tab Displays IP addresses, MAC addresses, Wireless access points (WAP, AP), Ping, Port Scan, Block user from wifi)
  • Wifi Strength Tab (Displays Wifi signal strength and wifi speed,  Test internet connections, Display Public IP address, Encryption, Frequency, MAC address, DHCP, and DHCP lease)
  •  Access Point Scan Tab (Displays all router Access Points in range to you, their MAC address’, channel they are on, and their dBm signal strength.)
  • IP Tools Options (DNS lookup, Whois data, Ping, Port scan, Blacklist IP checker, Traceroute, MAC address lookup, Wifi passwords)

It’s not the end, you will get some other useful features also like blocking devices and users and along with the owner provides 24 hours support, you may find their email from Play Store page. Get the android app here.

Good news is they are also available for iOS devices, grab your iOS app here.

What’s your favorite WiFi analyzer app?