WordPress Login-Now Sign in to WordPress Without Password

How do you log in to your WordPress dashboard? Obviously the answer would be “by visiting the login page and then entering the credentials like username, password and completing the captcha (if there’s one)”, but what if you could sign in to your WordPress back end without entering username and password? Won’t that be easier and more secure? Of course that would be, that’s why there’s a method here to make the wordpress login easier and more secured.

For those webmasters who manage multiple WordPress websites with different usernames and passwords, this method is not less than a boon since you don’t need to remember all the passwords and usernames, which reduces your stress and work.

Making WordPress Login Easier and Appealing

As per stats around 74,652,825 websites are running on WordPress CMS in 2016 out of which approx 37 million are on free WordPress.com. If we talk about all the self hosted websites irrespective of the CMS they use, then more than 19% of websites use WordPress content management system (CMS), that is a huge figure in itself.

Now on one side such a large number of webmasters are working on their websites and on the other side they are equally concerned about some factors like:

  • Security, unethical hackers can’t see you getting success.
  • Management, managing a website network is not that much easy.

To solve this problem, there is this method to transform the WordPress login.

What Do I Need For This WordPress Sign In?

wordpress login

You would need those things which you already own, there is no need to spend a penny for this.

  • Clef, two factor authentication system. Free and Paid (for businesses).
  • Android phone.
  • Self hosted WordPress website.
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Clef can be downloaded from the official WordPress directory for free, as of Sept,2016, more than 800K users have installed this.

Using Clef to Get Secured WordPress Login

1.) Download Clef from the official wordpress directory.

2.) You can also install it directly from your WordPress dashboard, just follow this path: WordPress dashboard>>Plugins>>Add New>>Search for Clef>>Install>>Activate.

3.) Once you have installed the Clef on your WordPress site, then install Clef on your android phone.

Now you have installed the app and plugin on your phone and website, it’s time to configure them. Just follow these easy and simple steps.

1.) Open the app on android phone, it will ask you to set a pin, enter a 4 digit pin number that you can easily remember. This is for security purpose so that no one can login and have access without entering the pin. It’s configured for mobile phone, now lets jump over to plugin configuration.

2.) Visit your WordPress dashboard and look for “Clef” in the admin sidebar.

3.) Click on “Clef (needs setup)” and it will take you to configuration page. Click on “Get started”.

4.) It will ask you to get the app, but since you have already installed it so click on “I already have the app”.

5.) Now register with your email address, make sure the email address you enter is valid.

6.) Now visit the “Settings” page and enable the “Login feature with clef wave” option, rest of the settings depend on your preferences.

Settings for this are done, you may enable other users also and let them notify about the new WordPress login method they would be using instead the traditional wordpress sign in.

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Using this method you would be able to login with your phone.

This is how it looks, check out this 27 seconds short video to see how it works in real.

Common FAQ

1.) What if my phone is lost?

You can disable it from clef website.

2.) What if I want to switch to a new phone?

You can reactivate it for another phone via clef website.

3.) What if I forgot to logout?

Not an issue, you can log out from anywhere. You can also set a time limit after which you’ll log out automatically.

Enjoy this new WordPress login method, remembering passwords is no longer necessary with this amazing way to sign in to wordpress.