How to Set YouTube Repeat For Any Video? Automatic YouTube Replay

By default YouTube provides a feature called “Autoplay”, this feature when enabled plays another video from the suggested ones when your video is over but what if you want to repeat YouTube videos or just want to set YouTube repeat for only one video?

For those who are sitting right in front of the computer they can do this manually but sometimes you just want to go away and want that song or video to play continuously, sometimes you like a video or the music in that video so much that you listen to it at least 10-15 times without a pause. For that purpose we need a method to enable YouTube repeat for as many videos you want.

Setting Up YouTube Repeat For Videos

We’ll be listing here several ways to enable YouTube replay, you can choose anyone of them depending upon what you actually want and what would be the best according to your situation.

To make it easier we are dividing it into 2 categories:

  1. Manual method to repeat YouTube videos
  2. Automated ways to loop videos.

Let’s just explore these ways one by one. If you face any problem then don’t forget, the comment box is at the end of the page.

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Manual Method to Repeat YouTube Videos

This is one of the best method for which you won’t have to perform any complicated actions and leave the official YouTube site. YouTube does provide a “REPLAY” button to viewers but you can see that button only when your video finishes.

All you have to do is press that “Replay” button once the video is finished and it will start playing again without buffering since the video is already loaded.

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Make sure you have disabled the Autoplay button or just hit the “Replay” button before YouTube plays another video from suggestion, else your video will load again and people using slow internet connect will have to face that buffering screen again.

Check out the below attached image, the repeat button is highlighted with red circle.

youtube repeat videos

Automated Methods to Set YouTube Repeat

Again this one is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Using video looper
  2. Performing some settings within YouTube
  3. Using a chrome extension

All of these methods are easy, but if we are really to compare then first one is much easier than the second one, the only advantage second once gives you is one can set repeat for multiple videos and the video loopers are for just one video at a time.

Talking about the third one then it is super easy.

Loop Video Method

This is one of the easiest way you can use to set YouTube repeat. There is no need to change any setting or do some technical stuff, just visit a video looper and paste the URL of that YouTube video there, it will play the video continuously until you stop it.

There are numerous loopers available on the net, you can find any, almost all of them are same, if you want our recommendation then check out infinitelooper, it’s easier to navigate and don’t shows annoying advertisements. Just paste your video URL there and play, you can also set a portion of video to repeat instead of whole video.

Adding a Playlist in YouTube to Repeat

Another method that is useful, this is good for those who want multiple videos to loop. Just follow these simple steps and you’re done.

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1.) Visit YouTube and sign in to your account (signing in is necessary for this method).

2.) Open the video you want to repeat.

3.) Just below that video you will find a button “Add to”, click on that and then click on “Create New Playlist”.

4.) Enter the name of playlist and make it private so that no one else sees it. You can also keep it public if you have no problem in letting others know what you are watching. See the below image for reference.

repeat youtube

5.) Finally, click on “CREATE” button.

6.) Now click on “YouTube” left side icon, there you will see your playlist name, open that.

youtube repeat playlist

7.) Once you open that, it will show you all the videos you have added to the playlist, click on “PLAY ALL“.

8.) It will open a page, click on “Repeat” icon in that playlist, see the below image for reference.

youtube repeater

You’re done with it, all these videos will play on repeat.

Using Chrome Extension to Set YouTube Repeat

Now we are at the last method which is one of the easier and doesn’t require any technical or long method steps, all you have to do is add a free extension to your chrome browser, enable it and you’ll see a “Loop” button on every YouTube video.

You can either set the video automatic or keep it manual, adjust the portion you want to repeat. Grab the chrome extension here.

video looper extension for youtube

Don’t forget to tell us which one was your favorite method to enable YouTube repeat for any video. All the methods are genuine and enables YouTube replay efficiently.