35+ Uber Facts You Would Definitely Love to Know-Infographic

Uber company is the personification of every startup company’s dream come true. Over the course of five short years, the app-based ride-sharing service reached a $62.5 billion valuation, becoming the highest valued startup in the world. Operating on 6 continents, in 71 countries, and in over 400 cities, it has built a growth engine so efficient that the company is now expanding to a new city every other day.

As of 2015, it is active in 75% of the US, with nearly 200,000 drivers. Globally, company drivers are completing 1 million rides per day, and over 8 million people around the world are using its services on a regular basis. The simplicity and convenience of Uber is surely one of the company’s biggest appeals.

In 2008, Uber founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp hit the mark when they realized that there had been a huge gap in the transportation industry just waiting to be filled by modern technology.

The idea for a free downloadable app that would connect drivers and passengers soon proved to be a huge success and Kalanick and Camp turned their startup into a billion-dollar business in just five years.

Despite the company’s global popularity, Uber has been plagued by legal challenges from the very start. Since the company radically disrupted the taxi industry, some cities and countries have taken equally radical measures and banned Uber’s services completely.

As of December 2014, it has been effectively banned in Spain and two cities in India. The company is also not allowed to operate in the Belgian capital Brussels, while places like Italy, Germany, and France have banned its low-cost services UberPOP and UberX citing unfair competition.

All of this is only a fraction of the story behind one of the most successful startups in history. For a more comprehensive look into the company’s success, check out these 39 little-known facts about Uber company presented by the infographic below.

Lesser Known Uber Facts

Check out some unknown yet interesting facts about one of the largest cab services company in the world.

facts about uber company

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