500 Internal Server Error On One Computer WordPress

Getting a 500 internal server error only on computer can be really annoying. Recently one of my website suffered this error, it took me complete 1 day to cover up from this error as I had no idea what to do and now I though that it would be good if I could help my readers if they suffered from the same problem ever. This tutorial will guide through the steps for solving 500 internal server error to the way which worked for me.

500 Internal Server Error

The first thing you should know is that most of the times this error is from the site server side not on our computer but like it is said that when the bad times hit then you can face any problem, one of them is having 500 internal server error. This error is like the server is saying you : –

Hey dude, there is an error but I don’t know where it is

but as I told above, don’t worry I will guide you the steps which 99.9% will solve this 500 internal server error but if it still doesn’t then leave your reply, I will try to sort it out again for you.

In case your WordPress shows – 404 not found error on posts

500 Internal Server Error [Fix]

500 internal server error wordpress

1.) Check With Different IP’s :-

Before we begin to explore things first of all we should check that whether it is working properly or not on other computers and locations or not. What I did was calling my friends at different in the same city as well as out of the city and asked them to open the site at their pc and mobile both and send me the screenshots of that. Thankfully the website was online and the readers were not facing the same. Now it was confirmed something is wrong with my PC only. Lets begin to fix 500 internal server error.

2.) Clear Your Browser Cache :-

The first fix involves clearing your browser cache and history. Clear it all and close the browser, before opening the browser again do this also : click on Start button on the home screen and type %temp%, a folder with the name Temp will be there, open it and delete all the files there, these are temporary files. Now again open the browser and try to access the site which is showing you 500 internal server error. Did it worked ? Yes ? Well congrats. No? Don’t worry lets get on to the next step.

3.) Visit You Control Panel :-

Visit the control panel and there select under “Programs”, select Uninstall a program and see if there is any unwanted program running which you didn’t installed, that could be malware, uninstall that and scan your computer, the reason for 500 internal server error could be a malware or virus.

4.) Head Over To Your C Drive :-

Follow this path : c drive>>windows>>system32>>driver>>etc folder. Open this folder and there you will find a file named as “hosts”, right click on it and open it with notepad. There you will see some info, if you see that there is any IP address which is starting without “#” and that IP is of that particular website which is showing 500 internal server error then remove it from the list. Save it and then try to access that website.

5.) Change Your IP :-

One of the methods that work is changing IP, well there are different methods to change IP which I can’t explore here right now. You may visit here for all the methods.

6.) Use Proxy Server List :-

This is the only method which has no chance for not working (only if the problem is with your PC only). You may access that website with a proxy websites and you can get here the best collection of proxy server list.

Now I hope that any of the above method has helped you, especially the 6th one i.e using a proxy site but is you own that particular website then it can be a issue if it is not resolved yet as you cannot always use a proxy site to work on your website and visit the admin area of WordPress, now I am going to tell you the things which I think worked for me as now I am not getting any error like 500 internal server error. Here You go :-

1.) Log in to your control panel :-

Log in to your cpanel and see if you have blocked your IP by mistake or not, the chances are less but mistakes happens. There you may find something like “IP deny manager”, check there.

2.) Using Cloudflare :-

Cloudflare is a proxy between your site and server, it is used to speed up your site and many webmasters recommend using it and I am also using it and yes it improves the speed. I thought that the server is rejecting my IP address, now I was left with two options, either change the SIM card in my dongle as I checked with another SIM and it worked at that time or use cloudflare, I decided to go with the later one and installed Cloudflare plugin on my WordPress site as it will act as a proxy plus the performance of the site will also be boosted. After that I configured it and guess what my site started functioning on my computer too.

NOTE – Installing the plugin is not the only thing you have to do, you have to configure it, once installed then CloudFlare under settings in your WP admin area and there you will be required to enter the domain name etc, beside that you will see a button “Get it”, click on that then you will guided all the way by CloudFlare.

Hope you have got your issue resolved. If you have any doubts regarding 500 internal server error please feel free to ask via comments, always there to help you.