Access Google Chrome Store Apps Right From Your Desktop and Taskbar

Google chrome store is filled with thousands of apps, some are quite useful and some are malicious even, so it’s better to give a warning that do read the reviews before installing any chrome app, if you see any unusual activity post installing particular chrome store app then uninstall it without giving a second thought.

Google Chrome Store

Google chrome web store has apps for almost all purposes, be it entertainment, productivity, learning, fun or business. You can find something related to your field and need. For using any of the installed chrome app you have to first open up the Google chrome browser and then look for the app by typing chrome://apps to get the window where all the installed chrome apps are present.

This could be annoying sometimes and I am gonna tell you 2 easy methods using which you can use any of the Google chrome store installed app right from your desktop or taskbar without having any need to open the chrome browser every time, even you can open any website without opening the chrome browser manually.

How to Use Chrome Store Apps Without Opening Chrome Manually

You’ll be getting here two methods to accomplish the task, one method involves no extra installation of any app or tool and other method include the installation of one small app.

google chrome store

Method 1 – Use Google Chrome Apps

This is the method which involves no extra installation or downloading, in fact this is the method you used to work with offline on your computer.

1.) Visit the apps page on your chrome browser by typing chrome://apps in the address bar.

2.) Typing the above address will open up the window of apps you have got installed, if you don’t have internet connection right now then don’t worry as this method works without any internet too.

3.) Now look for the app you want to pin to desktop, taskbar or start menu.

4.) Right click on that app and click on “Create Shortcut”, it will pop out a dialogue box immediately asking for location where you want to pin the app shortcut, select the locations and click on “Create”.

Now every time you want to access that app just hit the app shortcut icon on the desktop.

Method 2 – Get All Google Chrome Store Apps Together

This method involves installation of one small app called “App Launcher for Facebook”. As you can see from the name that the primary purpose of this app is to help you access Facebook easily but we’re gonna use this for different purpose. You can also check here who views your Facebook profile.

1.) Get and install this chrome app from the Google chrome store.

2.) Post installation you will see an icon on the desktop and taskbar of your computer screen, clicking on that icon will show you all the installed apps immediately.

3.) You can access any app from that place just with a single click, no need to open the chrome browser manually and type chrome://apps time and again. Not only this, you can also type access any website by typing the web address.

The below image shows its functioning.

chrome store apps

Enjoying using your Google chrome web store apps with more comfort.