Make Accounting Better and Easier With Xero Software

Xero holds one of the top positions for best accounting software in the industry, it has been one of the leading software and stills holds its place and value with a huge satisfied and happy user base.

It’s been over a decade Xero is in the market, with its initial launch in 2006 it has come a long way since then. This blog post will take you on a tour featuring Xero accounting software features.

Xero’s Useful Features and Specs

xero accounting software

1.) Free Trial

No one likes to invest money in a product without trying and risk their hard earned money, Xero understands this and offers you 30 day free trial where you can test the software and see if it fits your needs.

The more amazing thing about this free trial is that you don’t even need to submit your credit card details, so no risk of money getting deducted even by mistake. In other words you can say it’s totally risk free.

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2.) Multi Currency Accounting

Business is not bounded by the boundaries, neither is the accounting. Xero’s multi currency feature is “Real Time” which simply means you can convert the transactions to local currency using real time rates.

3.) Bank Reconciliation

It is quite useful and very necessary feature which an accounting software must have. With Xero you can import transactions into the software by connecting the bank feeds which are further connected with the corresponding accounting transactions.

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4.) Cash Coding

Coding of individual transactions takes a hell lot of time but time is money and money needs not to be wasted. With Xero cash coding feature you can do rapid coding in bulk of a large number of transactions from imported bank statement lines.

5.) Invoicing and Payments

Want to get paid faster and in time? Xero’s “Invoicing and Payments” system comes handy and lets you manage all your customers and payment info. It gives you ability to send your customers email with live invoice having details of payments, history and current status.

Along with giving them reminder it has also has a “Pay Now” button using which your customer can pay you instantly, this increases the chances the of getting paid in time.

If you are thinking that how would you know that whether the customer has read or has ignored the message then it comes with inbuilt tracking system with the help of which you can track when was it delivered and whether or not the customer has seen it. It can then send automatic reminders for unpaid bills.

6.) Mobile Compatible

Why carry the burden of laptop when you can do all and manage all of your stuff with just a mobile. Get the Xero app for android and iOS devices and manage it on the go. Take your customer’s contact details with you, invite users, send invoices, capture expenses, reconcile banks.

All of your major stuff can also be performed with Xero’s mobile app. The system interface also looks quite easy to navigate and use.

7.) Payroll

This is a very useful feature for business owners and employees both. For business owners they can track the woring hours of their employees, pay their salaries, approve time off.

For employees they have got an app called “Xero Me” using which employees can view pay slips, apply for time off & submit timesheets.

8.) Security and Assurance

Xero has assurance dashboard which keeps the business safe from potential frauds like by confirming if any suppliers have duplicate bank account numbers or if those accounts have been recently edited.

Try Xero Risk Free

It’s features does not end here, it has a lot of exciting and useful features for businesses. Xero keeps you secured and managed. You can try it for free of cost right now. Get the free trial here.