App Lock Not Working in Redmi Phone {Fixed}

App lock is a great app to lock and password protect your apps and works with almost every device. It works with Redmi phones as well but shows some problems in the starting which is difficult to understand for new users. So for them here is the App lock not working in Redmi – {Error Fixed}

What Causes This Problem?

This error is due to “Auto Start” feature. Lets see what is the main issue:

If you open some apps (any app which you have password protected) along with AppLock app, then it shows you something like this when you are about to kill recent apps:

app lock not working in redmi

You can see here are 4 apps including Applock also. As soon as you click on this “Cross” button, all the apps get killed along with AppLock.

As the “Applock” app also got killed so now no app will ask you to enter the password like it was asking before until you open the “AppLock” again.

This is an irritating problem as you cannot open it again and again. You can no security here but this can be solved, lets see how we can solve this:

App Lock Not Working in Redmi – {Solution}

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1st Method to Solve

Sit back and relax because in 2 minutes from now the app will be working. Follow these simple steps:

1.) In your Redmi phone, you will see an app named – “SECURITY”. Open this app.

2.) Now follow this path – Permissions >> Auto Start.

3.) See this below screenshot:

app lock not working in redmi phone

4.) As you can see the first two apps are enabled, by default these are disabled, all you have to do is enable these two. In the screenshot, they are at the top but you have to scroll down a bit to locate them in the list.

5.) Now you have enabled the apps, your phone will not kill “AppLock”, it will start automatically after you kill the apps.


2nd Alternative

In case the previous method didn’t worked for you then follow this one:

Go to Settings >> Installed Apps >> Click on Applock >> Permissions >> Now make sure the check box “Display Pop up window” is tick marked.

Hope it has helped you and the AppLock is working in your Redmi phone now.