Apple Music vs Spotify-Deep Comparison to Let You Decide The Best

Music means world to many these days, the purest and safest form to deal with stress and depression these days, whose growth rate is much higher compared to previous years. Apple and Spotify, both have their music streaming services and here's the overview of apple music vs Spotify.

Both of these music streaming services (Apple music and Spotify) have a huge user base and are quite big players in the field of music. Their full services are paid which makes user take a decision and choose only one out of them and everyone wants the best product which can fulfill their needs and demands. This "Apply Music VS Spotify" comparison post will help you in deciding.


apple music


Launched in June 30, 2015. Owned by Apple Inc.

spotify music


Launched in October, 2008. Owned by Spotify

Here begins the comparison between two big names in the field of music streaming.

apple music vs spotify

1.) The Pricing Difference

No difference here, users can't decide just by seeing the prices since both of them charge the same fee i.e $9.99, AU$11.99, £9.99 per account. 

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2.) Music Library Size

Earlier Spotify had an edge over Apple music since Spotify claimed to have 30+ million songs and apple had 30 million songs. But now Apple Music also claims to have 30+ million songs in it's library.

NOTE- This can also depend upon your location.

There will be definitely a difference for the people living in US, UK and Sweden.

But, at last it won't make a big difference since both of them are trying to satisfy their users as much as possible and their library is being constantly updated.

Apple Music

30 +M
Music Library Size


30 +M
Music Library Size

2.) Free Trial

Both of the music streaming services provide free trail to all users.

Apple free trial period-3 months

Spotify free trial period-30 days.

Apple music wins this part since it provides 3 times more duration for free trial.

3.) Sound Quality

There are no complaints with the sound for both of the services, they offer decent sound quality. Apple music has 128kbps and 256kbps sound qualities while Spotify has 96kbps, 160kbps and 320kbps.

You won't find any huge difference between the two.

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4.) Availability

Apple music is available in 113 countries and almost for every popular and major device like iPhone, iPod, iPad, MAC, PC, Android, Apple TV, Apple watch.

Spotify is available in only 60 countries on android, iOS, web, Fire Tv devices, and few speaker systems like Bose, harman, Bang etc.

5.) Subscriber Base

As said before, both of the music streaming services have a huge subscriber base, don't forget to consider the fact that Spotify is in the business for more than 10 years and Apple music was launched in 2015.

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Apple Subscriber (as of 2016)

17 +M

Spotify (Free)

55 +M

Spotify (Paid)

40 +M

6.) Additional Features They Offer

Along with the above, they offer some additional features which are quite attractive and useful for almost every user.

  • Family Sharing-

Both of them have plans for family sharing, earlier Spotify's prices were high for family sharing plan but after Apple Music introduced it's low prices, Spotify reduced it's prices also.

Now both of them have the same plan which offers sharing up to 6 family members for an additional fee of $14.99/month.

  • Radio

Both of them offer radio services, you can enjoy radio for 24/7 on apple music and Spotify both.

The functioning of them is a bit different, Apple has radio station called Beats1 which is hosted by DJs who not only play great music but also discuss about the latest trends and offer exclusive interviews.

On the other hand, Spotify does not have live radio, you can create stations based on your tastes. Upvoting and down voting is also available which helps Spotify to understand about your taste and areas of interests.

  • Playlist

You can create playlist on both the music streaming services.

  • Music Discovery

You cannot always listen to the same songs, change is required.

In Apple Music you have got a dedicated "For You" tab which offers recommendation based on your music preferences.

Same goes with the Spotify, it has a Discover tab which provides weekly updated recommendations.

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  • Connectivity to Systems

You can connect to speakers, television using their connectivity services. Both of them offer this feature.

  • Offline and Playback

No difference here also, both apple music and spotify offer offline music and playback services.

  • Social Sharing

Spotify has an edge over Apple music in sharing services.

On Spotify you can share the artist, song, playlist with your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, email, text or you can send that directly as message on the social services like Whatsapp, Google hangout.

Apple music's sharing options are limited only to text, email, twitter, FB,and Airdrop.

  • Video Content

Spotify has more video content as compared to Apple Music.

Spotify even alerts you about happening and nearby concerts within the app.

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Both of them are good and are almost same but if you wanna dig deep down into the musical sea then Spotify is the one for you. Hope you got benefited from this apple music vs spotify article.

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