Best Face Swap App and Tools For Android to Change and Replace Faces

Face swap is a cool new thing which has attracted many smartphone users, it had become after the snapchat introduced the feature and since then many individual apps have emerged which are only there for face swap. This is really a cool thing to try and to get a good laugh. Imagine how would you look on someone else’s body, swapping faces of a body builder with a skinny person can give a loud laugh to everybody. These face swap apps do the work perfectly.

Face swapping can either be live or offline where you have to cut and paste the face. Live works the best since it replaces and changes the faces by itself.

Top Face Swap App For Android

Lets just have a look at some awesome and most popular tools and apps for face swap.


How can one not list the app which has brought a new trend in the market, Snapchat it is. Face swapping is really amazing and fun loving thing with Snapchat. You get may filters as well.

The best is it works live and offline also. You can swap the faces while taking selfies or just select any random pic from the gallery and swap the faces.

2.) Face Swap

face swap photo

One of the most popular app in the category, Face Swap App. With more than 5 million downloads this has become a sensation. Along with face swapping it also gives cool filters which you can apply on your face. Quite a good app for face swap feature.

3.) Face Swap Live Beta

swap face app picture

As the name suggests it is still in beta stage but you can definitely try it, who knows you start loving it. Along with face swap in pictures it also gives face swap in video feature. You can swap faces in a live video as well, this makes it more interesting as videos speak better than pictures.

Front and rear camera, both are supported for face swapping, so you don’t need to take the selfie always.

4.) MixBooth

Another fun and entertaining app for face swapping. It only supports face swapping in pictures already clicked and saved in your gallery. It has a different feature of morphing pictures, you can mix two photographs and make it appear totally different.

5.) Face Changer 2

With over 10 million downloads this is among the very popular android apps. The app has a lot to offer like morphing, adding over 600 stickers, face part adding, instant replay, fusing photos with different background, adding text and makeup etc.

With so many happy users and features, this android app surely deserves a try.

6.) SWPR: Live Face Swap

Another live face swap app that works quite good. It is for photos and videos both, just turn on the camers, bring the face in front of the camera, allow the camera to detect your faces, it will swap the faces, now either take a picture or start making a live video. Sharing the swap faces picture and videos is easy with the app.