Buy Expired Domains – Best Websites For Buying

Starting a new website or blog and need the best suitable domain name but wanna buy expired domains ? Of course, old domains have a lot to give back to us. Now the first thing which comes to almost everybody’s mind is that we need a good money to buy expired domains but hold on here, if I tell you that you can buy expired domains with years of domain age and perchance a good PageRank also ? Yeah, now you are smiling and looking forward for it.

Why To Buy Expired Domains (OLD) ?

Everything has a reason and here the reason is clear i.e the VALUE it has. I would state the reason in short :-

* Age Factor :- The domain age plays a very important role in SERPs, rankings, domain authority, page authority. Domain is just like wine, the older it is, the better it gets. If you consider a fresh domain vs an old domain then in case of fresh domain you have to work on it for a year (approximately) to get it its real place but in case of old domain its different.

* PageRank :- Pagerank plays a very important just like the domain age, if you are able to grab a high PR domain then its better than good.

NOTE :- Never buy a domain which is penalized or sandboxed. It is just like spoiling your money because you will have to get that out of the penalty box first, which might be irritating and if you are unaware of it then it won’t give you back what you wanted while buying that domain. If you want to check that any particular domain if penalized or not then this would give you the best results : Click Here or this tool is also nice for checking the penalty.

P.S – For those who are struggling over a penalized domain may like this post by Neil Patel

Best Websites To Buy Expired Domains

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Now let us proceed to the best websites which can help you get a good domain.

1.) Expired Domains :-


Its totally free to use, almost every website listed here will be free to use and get a high value domain. You need to sign up on the website to access more features and to filter your results more deeply, although you can search for any domain (hundreds or even thousands) without signing up but it would better if you just make an account there in order to get the best one.

You can find a search box there in which you can put a desired keyword with which you want a domain, it will display much more results than your expectations.

2.) :-

This one is even better, the filters and features you would get in Expired Domains after signing up, this will give you without any registration. Look at some of the filters it provide you : Domain PR, Domain Age, Citation Flow, Moz trust, Backlinks, Moz DA, PA, Domain Price and a lot more. You can adjust those filters according to your need.

One thing I would like to tell you more that just a few hours ago I found a 5 years old domain having PR 2 via Freshdrop, can you guess the cost of it ? $30 ? $20 ? $15 ? $10 ? A big NO, it was a mere $8 and one more old expired domain having PR3 and 4 years old for just $5. I think I surprised by telling the prices, yes you can get them that much cheaper. You know the best part about that domains ? I have checked those domains for any penalty and copyrighted complaints or DMCA complaints, they passed the results successfully, that’s the real good news.

3.) DomCop :-


You may have heard the name of this domain marketplace and you may have visited this place even, and why not it is on Google’s first page for the keyword “Expired Domains”. Just like you do not need to register to access its extra features and especially the filters. The filters it provides :-

* Page Rank

* Moz Rank

* Domain Authority

* Page Authority

* Domain Age and much more. For more even have a look at the screen shot of it provided above.

4.) Name :-


Another one which can help you in finding an expired domain name but it has some drawback due to which I don’t like it personally and would recommend the above ones over it, these are those limitations :

* Confusing :- You may get confused at first visit on the site, although it wont take you more than 2 minutes to get the whole scenario but still as compared to others it is confusing, the other ones just give you the thing directly you are looking for.

* Prices :- The prices are not good as others, the domains they give you will be of always more prices, sometimes it is less too but very often.

* Domain List :- Like I said above for other ones that they have a huge list of domains, this one is opposite in fact totally opposite, I tried this one marketplace as well while searching for an old domain but to my surprise I got only 2 results even with only 1 filter used.

5.) Dropping :-


You have to log in to this website for accessing most of its features and filters even. The one unique thing which this one provides is it allows you to choose that whether you wanna buy the domain as a SEO/SEM expert, Domain Investor or a website owner, that’s one really very nice and the results are also awesome for all the categories.

6.) Namejet :-


This one is also good place to look at, sign up to their newsletter and they will keep on reminding you the new expired domains coming in the market. They allow you to participate easily in domain auctions, backordering which is a plus point about them.

7.) StuckDomains :-


Absolutely free search for domains, no registration required. Select the domain extensions from the given checkboxes and type in the keyword, it will display the results it has in its database. It has one limitation that it does not have as much filters as others which make a little bit hard to search for the things we are specially looking for, else it is a good marketplace of expired and dropped domains.

8.) SnapNames :-


It provides you the auction list and that too further categorized as : “Available Soon”, “In Auction” domains and much more like these. You can fill out the filter according to your needs, the Price filter is quite good enough, it lets you enter the minimum and maximum price manually rather than moving the scroll left or right, which makes easy for a person to enter the exact amount he is in mood to invest. You can search by particular events as well like : Featured Domains, Value picks and some more.

There are some places to buy expired domains but the above mentioned are the most reliable and trust worthy site to invest your earned money. I hope you have got some help from my side in searching for an old or expired domain. If you know about any other website that allows us to buy expired domains then we would love to hear from you via comments.