CouchTuner – 13 Better TV Streaming Sites Like Couch Tuner

You probably know what CouchTuner is but in case you have no idea about the website then Couchtuner is a TV streaming websites where you can watch latest TV series and shows online for free of cost.

The main focus of Couch Tuner is TV series so you may not get movies there. For movies you can got for sites like genvideos.

Now if you are unable to access CouchTuner due to any reason then we have a got a list of sites like CouchTuner where you can watch free TV shows online without any registration or subscription.

The only catch is that you must have a good internet connection in order to stream TV shows online. So here we begin with the list of sites like CouchTuner.

CouchTuner Like Sites to Watch TV Shows Online

Most of the websites we are about to recommend are free of cost.

TV streaming on couchtuner

Why you need alternatives to CouchTuner? Since these websites are free so they may not have all the shows and movies so having alternatives is a good option. Here you go with the movie and TV streaming sites like Couch tuner.


This is the official website of Couchtuner, the reason we are putting it on number 1 is that there are many websites with the same name but different domain so it is better to know the original website.


alluc site like couchtuner

Whether you want to watch movies or TV shows online, Alluc is there for you. The best is it can stream content online and also allows you to download them.

Alluc is a search engine which doesn’t provide content on its own website rather it gives you the links to the websites where you can stream or download movies or TV shows.

Just visit the website and type in the movie or TV show title and click on either “Find Streams” to stream online or “Find Downloads” to download the content.


Another amazing site like CouchTuner which not only provides TV shows but also a great collection of latest movies in HD quality also.

The website is quite simplified and you can understand as the moment you land on the homepage where it just ask you for some information like movie/TV show title, star cast, year, category and based on your input Putlocker will list the movies or TV shows which can watch online on their website for free.

If you are not sure which TV series or movie you want to watch then just go through their categories and you’ll find some interesting shows to stream online.

4.) Rainierland Movies (

The website may not have a huge library like that of Couchtuner but it is worth if you are looking for a website which is mainly focused on TV series just like Couch tuner TV streaming website.

Be it “The walking dead”, “Breaking Bad”, “Suicide Squad” or “Game of thrones” you can get all the seasons to watch here online in good quality.

5.) (Similar Shows)

couch tuner similar site

This is not exactly a site like Couchtuner because it does not provide any streaming content rather it provides you the shows like your favorite ones.

For example you love watching survival shows like “naked and afraid” and want more like that, this website “Similar Shows” will provide you a list of TV shows which are just like that. They will provide you a link to watch on Amazon and iTunes.

They’ve got a great collection of TV shows suggestions. You’ll get almost all the TV shows categories here like:

  • Animation
  • Sci-Fi
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Thriller
  • Reality
  • Mystery etc.

The best part about this site like Couchtuner is that you can also suggest shows to them, just go to their contact page and suggest them the show you are looking for.

6.) Select TV

alternative to couchtuner

This one is a paid service but it doesn’t cost you much, it’s only $24/year which is only $2/month and what you get in this? Here are some of the things you’ll get in this subscription:

  • 300,000+ TV episodes
  • 200,000+ movies
  • Free video on demand
  • Pay per view
  • Premium add ons
  • 50,000+ radio stations
  • Games, apps.
  • 5000+ live channels
  • Music streaming and much more

This makes watching TV easy and you can get access to the latest premium TV series even the next day it is aired.

In short, it is a complete package of entertainment, from TV channels to games and apps, you get everything here needed for a perfect entertaining hour. An awesome alternative to TV streaming service Couch-tuner.

7.) The Dare Watch (

The website is good with lots of Tv series online for free. There is one thing that we particularly didn’t like about the website and it’s the style of advertisements shown on the site.

You might get confused with the ads and you may not find how to play the TV show. But don’t worry we’ll help you.

See the below image and you’ll where you should click to watch movies and where you should avoid clicking.

Tv show streaming site like couchtuner

  • The area marked with yellow color is the place where you will find the media player and links to stream and download TV shows.
  • The area marked with red circle are nothing but ads, every time you’ll click on this an ad will pop up, so don’t click here. Thank us later 😉


Previously known as Tubeplus (Tube+) is one of the best choice for streaming videos online. Along with TV shows they have a decent collection of movies also.

The website also shows you the shows of the previous day and the shows which have already aired or about to come in today’s date. Definitely a nice site like couchtuner.


cucirca site like couchtuner

This website’s homepage is very simple with no videos or images. Just the title of the shows. TV shows are categorized based on their date.

As you can see in the screenshot of this website, all the shows are lined up based on their dates.

You can either stream Tv shows online or just download them, for downloading shows you’ll first have to download and install their software “graboid” which will ask you to create and account and after that you’ll be able to download those TV shows.


A blog looking website which has the collection of various popular TV shows online. Search for your favorite Tv show and click on the season and episode number, it will display around 80-100 external links to streaming services where you can watch them.

If any of those links doesn’t work for you then just go for another, in case all of them are blocked in your region then get a free chrome VPN extension like DotVPN or whatever you prefer.

11.) Hulu

We have previously mentioned this as one movie streaming site, this is paid one. You can go for this if you are ready to pay around $8 per month. It is a TV and movie streaming service.

You’ll get commercial free video streaming content on Hulu since it’s a paid service. If you’re not ready to pay then choose any other from the list.


If you’ve heard of the name then this website is not knew to you, Gomovies is the website which was previously knows as 123movies.

Along with TV series you’ll have here a great collection of movies also. Either find the movie in their database or request one if you can’t find it. Absolutely free and one of the best sites like couchtuner.


Last but not the least on our list is Fmovies. Just because it is on the last spot doesn’t mean it is not worth it, in fact you may fall in love with this site like Couch tuner. With a great collection TV series and movies, this is one of the best websites like couchtuner to stream videos online.