Find Competitor Keywords-Advanced Competitors SEO Analysis Guide

There are two possibilities about how you are doing SEO:

1.) You are spying on your competitor’s online presence and the keywords that are driving them traffic and revenue.

2.) You barely care about your competitors, BAD.

Point of view matters, motivational point of view says don’t look at others and do your own work but business point of view says you should definitely stay aware of the strategies your competitor is using and how they are over passing you ad for online business you need to find competitor keywords and their organic presence.

how to find competitor keywords

Why They Are Getting Traffic and We are Still Looking For it?

Probably this is one of those thousands of questions that are stalking you day and night. While there are various factors that search engines count, talking about one of the most popular search engine Google then it has around 200 ranking factors and out of these 200 one of the biggest factor is KEYWORDS.

Google uses more complicated algorithm to rank pages as compared to other popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing.

The studies have shown that traffic from search engines like Bing, Yahoo converts better and the good news is they are quite open about their algorithm and raking factors and KEYWORDS again are the biggest factors.

My Website is Totally SEO Optimized, Still no Traffic!

Chances are that your website is totally optimized according to you and some online SEO analytic software but still you are finding it very difficult to rank your website and it’s pages. Perhaps you are not focusing on keywords that are profitable and rankable.

Find Competitor Keywords:Full Guide

Now this is the high time to know what keywords your competitors are using and what keywords are giving them traffic and revenue.

You would probably want to know what methods or tools does highly successful SEO experts or website owners use to find their competitors keywords.

There are certain things you would need to spy on them:

1.) Computer/Laptop/Mobile Phone

2.) Internet connection and …..

3.) SEMRUSH Account

What is Semrush?

Semrush is probably the best tool to spy on your competitor, it’s capabilities are not limited to spying only there are dozens of other features it gives you and those are highly accurate and reliable.

You may check any website using this widget.

Some of Semrush Features

  • Organic Research: 
    • See competitors’ best keywords
    • Discover new organic competitors
    • Observe position changes of domains
  • Advertising Research: 

    • Uncover Your Competitors’ Ad Strategies and Budget
    • Analyze Your Online Rivals’ Ad Copies and Keywords
    • Discover New Competitors in AdWords and Bing Ads
    • Localize Your Ad Campaigns
  • Backlinks: 

    • Conduct a deep link analysis
    • Understand referring domains’ authority
    • Check backlinks’ types
    • Spot your links’ geolocation
  • Keyword Research: 

    • Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
    • Gather phrase matches and related keywords
    • Get long-tail keywords
    • Explore multinational and multilingual environments
  • Keyword Difficulty: 

    • Find keywords with less competition
    • Estimate keyword difficulty instantly
  • Domain vs. Domain: 

    • Set side-by-side domains’ comparisons
    • See domains’ common and unique keywords
    • Visualize data
  • Charts: 

    • Compare domains with key visibility indicators
    • Conduct competitive analysis in only a few clicks
  • Position Tracking: 

    • Track any domain or keyword from any location
    • Discover local competitors
    • Group keywords with tags
    • Target different devices
  • Site Audit: 

    • Check your site’s health with our SEO analysis tool
    • Prioritize SEO issues and decide what to fix first
    • Track SEO optimization progress
  • Social Media Tool: 

    • Keep track of your Social Media campaigns
    • Research your competitors
    • Visualize data
  • SEO Ideas: 

    • Analyze Google ranking factors affecting your website’s performance
    • Get actionable recommendations based on collected data
    • Carry out in-depth comparison analysis of Google’s top 10 performers

Note that these were not the full features, this was just a sample of tools and features it provides to you.

How to Find Competitor Keywords with Semrush

Now you have an idea about the power of this tool for competitor analysis, now we are gonna make use of this tool to check and find the keywords our competitors are ranking for along with the in depth details like their backlinks, their keyword position tracking, the countries specific database from where they get maximum of their traffic, complete competitor SEO analysis will be done by this single tool.

Just follow these simple and easy steps and you’ll be able to spy and find competitor keywords along with other useful SEO features.

1.) Visit Semrush and get yourself a free account on the website.

2.) Type in your competitor’s website/domain in the field, let us take here as our competitor, press the search button.

find competitor keywords

3.) You will get whole of the domain details, like it’s backlinks, it’s paid search volume, it’s organic reach, the keywords it is ranking for and the position of those keywords in organic results, video advertising reults.

competitor analysis

4.) On the right hand side of the same page you will see a menu, click on “Organic Reach” from that menu to check out the keywords of your competitors they are ranking for in search engines.

check competitor keywords

5.) Clicking on that option will bring you to the page where all the organic keywords, traffic graph, keywords positions will be listed, it will look something like this:

competitor organic keywords SEO

6.) Click on “Export” button, as you can see highlight in the above image.

7.) Now after clicking on “Export” button it will ask how you want to save the file, you may save it as Excel of CSV file.

8.) After that the file will be downloaded to your machine and you’ll have the list of all the keywords your competitor is ranking for.

Now you have all the keywords with you for which your competitors are ranking high on search engines, this is possible the best method to find competitor keywords till date and there can be no questions put on the accuracy of Semrush.