Fly GPS APK App For Android and Features-Fake Your Location Easily

Faking location is not a big thing, it’s neither that much tough nor tricky. Even a non techie person can do this within a couple of seconds, apps like Fly GPS make the work easier enough to fake location. Fly GPS app is available for android devices only as of now.

Earlier we showed you a method where you could fake your location on computers/laptops without installing any single thing and that too for particular and selected websites. If you want to know how you can fake your location in browsers on laptops and computers then try out this fake location method.

This page is dedicated to FLY GPS app for android, you will the the APK also but our first advice would be to get the app from Play Store, that is only because it will keep you updated and you won’t have to look for fresh APK version, rest is your wish you can use any version, at the end of the day it’s all about having Fly GPS app in your android devices.

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Fly GPS App For Android

Lets just talk about Fly GPS app and its features, APK will be provided below.

fly gps app screenshot

Now, what is FLY GPS app? Till now you may have already got an idea that it is about faking your location, with this app you can fake your location on your android devices.

The question may pop up in your head that “WHY DO I NEED TO USE FLY GPS APP?“. The answer is simple:

It will allow you to get a fake location and access the GPS based games (like Pokemon GO) and apps worldwide.

Features of Fly GPS APK

1.) Get a fake and custom location on your android devices.

2.) Access different locations on GPS based games and apps (almost like hacking the game and getting fake location).

3.) Multi language support.

4.) Absolutely free to use.

Fly GPS APK Download

Like we said earlier, if you want to stay updated all the time without checking the internet again and again then download the app from play store, get the app on app store.

Still, if you want to have FLY GPS APK file then download it from here.


If you want to get a fake location then FLY GPS app is a mist try for android devices, there are many more apps which are capable of getting fake location, we will share those apps also.