Genvideos – 11 Better Sites Like Gen Videos to Watch Movies Online For Free

Genvideos is among the top choice for those who want to stream online movies for free of cost. Why? It’s because genvideos provide good quality and latest movies on it’s movies portal.

People like it more because gen videos do not irritate the users with unlimited advertisement pop ups or subscription forms. Obviously there are pop ups but those are limited and we shouldn’t even complain about that since they also have to earn their living.

But, for those who are looking for alternatives to genvideos due to any reason then here are the best sites like genvideos that offers you free movies online.

Best Sites Like Genvideos

There are many movie streaming websites like genvideos on the internet right now but not all of them are stable, every second day a new website providing free movie streaming service goes online and offline, so you can’t just depend on only one website, especially those which have just popped up in the market.

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Check out the below mentioned websites which provides you free movie streaming services like Genvideos.

1.) Rainierland Movies (

One of the best and most popular websites for watching online movies and TV series. You’ll find a great collection of TV shows and movies on rainierland.

In terms of advertisements, rainierland is actually better than genvideos, there are less ad pop ups on rainierland, it is using infolinks ads which are less irritating than those pop ups.

Just go ahead and have a look at this awesome alternative to genvideos.


If you can afford to spend $7.99 per month then just go for this, this is a premium alternative to genvideos. YOu’ll face less ads and better quality since it’s paid.

It has also rolled out its Beta version of Live TV on selected devices. You can switch and cancel your subscription plans anytime you want.

For those who hate in between commercials, go for Hulu and for those who are not in a mood to pay then check out the other listed websites like genvideos.

3.) Yify TV (

Another perfect site for watching full free movies online just like genvideos. It offers you superb movie quality and less ads.

For those who couldn’t afford to have a monthly subscription plan on Hulu, this is the perfect website which offers totally free movie streaming service.

It’s clean, fast and easy. Just go for this if you want t stream HD movies online for absolutely free of cost.

FALs Tip: You may find more websites with the same name but different domain, go for those only which we are mentioning. (for example there is and both)


One of our favorite alternative to genvideos, in fact somewhat better than gen videos. It is available in almost all countries with their own regional movies collection.

You can request your movie, watch TV series and it also has anime series. If you need a clean, fast and a website with great database, just go for it without giving any second thought.

AND, if you want to download movies then this is also the best option right now, one click and the download starts. You will find the download button in the media player of website when you start streaming any movie.


Formerly, the website now is gomovies and it offers you HD quality movies online. It gives you various categories to search and filter movies.

Along with movies, the website also has TV shows in its collection. You can sign up to the website and post a request for a movies you are looking for.

The website gives you a complete feeling of watching a movie in theater. It gives you a “Turn off lights” feature which will blacken everything on the page except for the movie.


sites like genvideos

This is website like genvideos that offers free movies online but it’s functioning  is totally different. The homepage of the website shows you a form where you can type the title of the movies you are looking for, enter the star cast of movies, year, category and then search.

Based on your input it will show you the list of movies after filtering. The quality of movies is fine.


alluc alternative to genvideos

Okay so you are unable to find your movie on any website or probably you want to download it. If this is the case then go for

It is a search engine for finding movies online.

You can see in the image it provides you a search box and two button on it’s homepage, just type in the movies title, click on “Find streams” if you want to watch the movie online or click on “Find downloads” if you want to download the movie.

It will search the database and provide you tons of links from where you can either stream movie online or just download it.

Unlike genvideos it doesn’t offer anything on it’s own website, but gives you hundreds of streaming links.


Another website for watching movies online which provides you link to stream. It is not like alluc at all. The website shows you the movies and gives you some link below that, you can click on any of those links and watch the movies.

Some links might not work because of your location, in that case just try another one.


Along with other movies, the website has a dedicated category for 18+ movies, so a great website for those who need adult content also.

The website also has a collection of TV series.


Another site like genvidoes but focused on TV shows only. This website may have bigger database for TV series rather than other website since it is only focused to TV shows content and it does have a hug library of TV series.


Just because it is in the last doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. It is also one of the best sites like genvideos. It looks premium and the media player of this movie streaming sites looks somewhat similar to that of Yify tv which is on number 3 on our list of sites like genvideos.


You can simply select any of the websites from the list of sites like genvideos. All of them are personally tested and working perfectly at the moment. Just see which one fulfills your needs and go for it. All of the above sites like genvideos are equally good for watching online movies and TV shows.