Get Notified when someone Unfriends you on Facebook

Get Notified when someone Unfriends you on Facebook

Facebook users are increasing day by day. We all tend to spend much of our time on Facebook. Many of us like to be friends with as many people as we can. On an average every user have a minimum of 100-150 people in their friend list. This number may be quite low, because now a days many people likes to be friend with the people whom they even don’t know.

Though There is a limit of having 5000 friends on Facebook for each user. Not many people would reach this great milestone. Facebook notifies you whenever someone accepts your friend request. Facebook also notifies you if you receive any new friend request from others but it does not notifies you whenever someone unfriends you.

It remains a mystery, you will be not knowing that the number of your friends has decreased. But thanks to the extension developers that they have provided us with a Chrome Extension that notifies us if someone unfriends us.
Let us have a look at the steps so that you can get a notification if someone removes you from their friend list :-

 Step 1: First of all download & install  Unfriend Notify on Facebook free Extension in Chrome.

Step 2: Simply go to the Chrome Webstore and look for the extension and then click on free or Add to Chrome Button then click Add in the Popup.

Step 3: The desired extension will now start downloading and you will then see that it has been installed on your Chrome Browser. A new page will open up, there just click on Activate button.

Step 4: Now to check if the extension has been added successfully, go to your Facebook timeline then click on Friends button, you will find there a new tab with the name “Lost Friends” added there.

So this was all about it, install it and get the notification if your friend removes you from their friend list on Facebook. Hope you liked and found the article about Facebook unfriend finder useful.