How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool For Research

How To Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool

In my earlier article about keyword research I mentioned only about using a keyword research tool – ” Traffic Travis ” and now this time I am going to use Google Adwords keyword planner for the same purpose. Google Adwords is an online tool which lets you create a campaign to rank on the the top of rankings for a particular keyword and also lets you choose the right keyword to pay for by providing the keyword research tool, but don’t worry you can use it for only getting keyword ideas and knowing search volume and the best part for getting ideas you don’t have to pay even a penny until you start a campaign.

While searching for something on Google you might have seen some results on the top and on the right side like the pic shown below, this are the advertisements from Google :-


Now without much ado let me tell you how to use Google Adwords Keyword planner.

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Requirements For Google Adwords Keyword Research:-
* Computer
* Internet connection
* Google Account

NOTE – It has a negative point i.e it shows same keywords to your competitors as well, for which you have to use a hack, which I would be discussing soon.

First of all reach the Google Adwords website and sign in with your Google account to proceed. After your sign up is completed you will be brought to the Adwords home page.
At the top you will see some tabs like the pic shown below :-


Click on ” Tools ” tab and you will see something like this –
From this list click on ” Keyword Planner ” option.


After you click on this option you will brought to the page shown below with 4 options.
Now you have to choose the first option ” Search for new keywords and ad group ideas ” as this will provide you the search volume for the entries you type and will also display the keyword ideas related to the words you entered.


After selecting the first option you will the below page on your screen :-


Here type the keywords you want to search for ( If you want to know what are keywords then visit – Keyword Research ) and then click on ” Get Ideas ” below.

Let us understand it with an example, just suppose you are writing an article on Worst ways of break up, then write the keywords according to you like break up ways, worst break up ways etc and hit Get Ideas button.
After it analyzes the data and collect for you, it will display the results.

Here you can see a graph displaying the search volume, analyze this graph to see the search volume. Just below the graph look at the button ” Keyword Idea ” beside Ad ideas. Click on that and you will see something like this –


It will refresh the results and will display them.
You will now see two tables below the graph. The first table will contain the keywords you typed in the beginning for analyzing and the second table will display the keywords based on relevance, which you might include after analyzing.
Before getting into Google Adwords Keyword Planner I would advice you to first check out this post so  that you know that how to choose the keywords

So this was all about how to use Google Adwords Keyword planner to analyze keywords and get keyword ideas. This is one of the best method to analyze keywords and get suggestions.