Google Trips-Plan Your Vacation and Trips in a Better Way

With the movies showing road trips and travel bloggers posting their travelling pics, the craze for travelling around the world is increasing day by day and a majority of people wants to travels or are fond of travelling to new places and meet the new people. For that very purpose Google launched it’s official travel pocket guide “Google Trips” app on 19th September, 2016. The app got downloaded 10K to 50K times within a day and it was expected since Google is a big brand.

This Google travel planner app will be of great use to those who want to explore new cities and want to do the things which are quite popular locally.

Google Trips-The Travel Planner

google trips app

Google began testing the beta version of Google trips app in April, 2016 and it finally hit the android and apple stores in September, 2016. It’s available for iOS and android devices. Get it here for android and iOS.

Planning trips can be hectic, especially when you are about to visit the place for the very first time. Your friends suggests you something else, travel blogs suggests something else, looking up time and again for near by places to enjoy and Googling places to visit every time is definitely a thing one would like to avoid. This is when Google Trips steps in as a savior.

If it’s well managed then the enjoyment of the trip just doubles, whole of your data is organized and saved at one place, from flight timings to local guide, everything is in your pocket.

Lets just check out what brilliant features it has and how it can be a perfect fit for travelling.

Google Trips Features

The below mentioned are some of the highlighted features of Google travel planner which promises to benefit the travelers.

1.) Day Planning

Nobody just sits in the hotel, it’s the time to check out new places which are nearby you. The app plans whole of your day and creates the map of places to visit, just follow the path and visit them, in case you don’t like the place after visiting then just press the “Magic Wand” within the app and it will give you other suggestions which are nearby and are worth checking out.

2.) Secured Travel Info

It is really a mess to keep all of your info safe, this app understands this and provides you a safe place to keep your travel info like reservations and confirmation numbers, flight info etc. You can access this info in offline mode as well.

3.) Things To Do

Obviously you’re in a new city and you would definitely want to try new things which are quite popular there. Check out the nearest park to refresh, the nearest museum you can walk in and enjoy.

In short Google trips is the complete travel planner any traveler would need and it does serves the purpose of helping while travelling.