Genuine Bluehost Review-Real Facts and Figures You Can Trust Upon

Before I present you the genuine facts & figures you should know who am I to write a Bluehost review. There are literally hundreds and thousands of sites which have posted about bluehost reviews but which one to trust? This one is really a big question in everyone’s mind who is going to invest their hard earned money.

bluehost review

Why to Trust My Bluehost Review?

  • I have tried and tested around 4 different and top most hosting services including Bluehost.
  • I am a current customer of BLUEHOST hosting.
  • Had spent hours chatting with company representatives on different issues.
  • Tried almost every feature.
  • Will show you the evidences that Bluehost hosting is reliable and people have started loving more after it has moved to Bluehost servers.
  • Will tell you the reasons why you should go for blue host hosting services.

The Visitors Queries and Feedback I Got

I have been getting queries about my hosting provider, since I am using CloudFlare CDN to boost up my site so you can’t detect the host using online tools. Here is a small example of mails and tweets:

twitter hosting query

You can see here he is asking about Inmotion, since I was earlier using inmotion web hosting so he thought that I am still using it but the truth is I have moved on from there to other hosting company. The reason I moved on from there is they couldn’t handle my website’s load and traffic.

email hosting query

I recently published an article about Gmail, he visited my site for that and got impressed with the content and site loading speed.

Lets Dig Deep into Bluehost Hosting Review

Now that you have got to know about some of my visitors reviews, not only this some of my colleagues have also reported me that all of the websites are now blazing fast and to tell you I have not even installed Cloudflare or any other CDN on those sites, still they are fast. It’s high time to discuss the real pros and cons of

Bluehost Pros and Benefits

It’s time to check what benefits you’ll get with Bluehost hosting and does it really count.

1.) Uptime

There is no problem with the website uptime, I haven’t faced any such issues till now, most of the times the uptime of your website with Bluehost will be 100% or 99.99%. You can stop worrying about your website going down.

2.) Security

This is one of the utmost thing that customers look for, SECURITY. Bluehost offers you great security with tools like SpamAssassin, Spam Experts, and Spam Hammer. Their hot link protection can help you save your content and images by not allowing others to use them and SSH access for completely secure web sessions.

3.) Pricing

Whether it’s shared hosting or managed WordPress hosting, the prices are quite affordable. The prices are automatically set to maximum possible discount and you can get it for as low as $3.95/month for shared plan, $12.49 for Optimized WordPress plan, and $5.95 for Cloud hosting plans.

4.) Money back Guarantee

They have a fair policy of money back guarantee, you can sign up to their services and if you think they are not worth it or have failed to fulfill then you can ask for refund of your money within 30 days of signing up.

5.) $150 Credits for Businesses

If you own a business website and needs promotion then they provide you $150 credits to advertise your website on search engines like Google, Bing etc. This can give you a boost if you are just about to start a business or an established business.

6.) Easy to Use Cpanel

Those people who are not that much geeky always face a problem handling their website back end and Cpanels, Bluehost understands this and it’s Cpanel is quite easy to use, you can easily navigate to the feature you are looking for as it is quite enhanced.

If you want to take test drive of it’s Cpanel then here is the demo version for you.

7.) Free Domains

They provide you with a free domain to start your website, you can either choose the domain while signing up or you can also sign up with your existing website and later register any domain from within the Cpanel easily in two clicks.

8.) Inbuilt CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Like I said earlier that I am using CloudFlare CDN to improve my website’s security and speed, Bluehost knows this so they have already built in the system to install CloudFlare on your websites from within the Cpanel.

9.) Custom Passwords

If you are too much concerned about the security of your account then you can also set up different passwords for different areas, for example you can have different password for billing, different password for Cpanel and a master password for entire account

10.) Automated Backups

Website’s security is the priority, it automatically takes backup of your entire account on daily, weekly and monthly basis. In case you loose your website then you can get all of your files back with just one click.

11.) Perfect For WordPress Users

This doesn’t mean you can’t host any other website on their servers, for sure you can host any website but for those who are using WordPress as their CMS, bluehost is a great hosting service to go for, they are also officially recommended by

Although there are also other pros which can be measured but these are the primary factors which any user would definitely need.

Cons Of Bluehost Hosting

There is nothing in the world which doesn’t have the other side. If there is good there would be bad also, same goes with the company which i am going to tell in this web hosting Bluehost review.

1.) Slow Customer Support

This is quite slower as compared to the previous company my website was hosted on. Whether you are on live chat or phone call, sometimes they appears within a minute and sometimes it takes them 10-15 minutes easily to answer.

BUT I don’t really consider this as a problem as their servers are designed for better performance and you hardly need them after setting up the website. If you need them they will be there 24*7 but slower as they have to handle a lot of customers together since a whopping 2 million  websites are hosted by them.

2.) Paid Migration

If you are about to migrate your website from one host to other and want them to do it for you then they are going to charge you for that, it’s not free.

BUT anyone can do the migration, you can visit their “Live Chat” support and ask them how to perform the complete task, I also didn’t knew how to do it on Bluehost so I contacted them and they guided me through every step.

bluehost review

These are the only problems I had with Bluehost but like I said they are organized and you hardly need them to assist you, if you want then they will be there, slow but there. You can check out and compare all of their plans here.

This was an unbiased Bluehost review, what was your experience if you have used them already?