How to Block Websites On Your Computer – Easiest Methods Ever

Blocking websites is quite an easy task, especially this method which involve no software and third party tools, just 2 minutes and you got the desired websites blocked for all the users and on all the browsers. No matter how many user accounts you have on your computer, this trick will block the websites you choose for all of them. How to block websites? Just keep on reading, the answer is written below.

Blocking a website is actually an another layer of security, sometimes to keep your PC protected from opening malicious websites you know and sometimes when you do not want the kids at your house to see those websites.

I am going to tell you 2 methods for How to block websites, you may select according to your convenience. Here we proceed :

How To Block Websites On Computer

1.) Open Windows Explorer (some say it “My Computer”), open the “c” drive and navigate to this path : C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc . If you have installed Windows on any other drive then navigate to that drive letter instead of c.

2.) In the “etc” folder you will see a file called “hosts”, open this file with notepad as you have to edit it. In case you cannot see any option to open hosts file with notepad, then follow these steps – Open Notepad>>File>>Open>>Now navigate to hosts file from here.

how to block websites

NOTE – Before making any changes I would advice you to copy all the contents of this hosts file in a separate notepad file, so that in case anything goes wrong you have the original file, just to be on the safe side.

3.) Now you have the hosts file opened in your notepad. Look at the last line of this file, it will be something like this : “ localhost” or “::1 localhost”. Did you found this ? Okay, great. Now hit enter to create a new line.

4.) Type ““, press spacebar and type the address of website you want to block. For example, you want block, then type

how to block websites using hosts file

NOTE – Do not start the line with”#”, as you can see all the lines are beginning with # but in this case you don’t have to type #.

5.) Save this file now. If you receive any warnings from anti-malware software, just dismiss it, this was just was security purpose.

6.) Now close all the browsers, open them and test your settings, see you won’t be able to access those sites now.

See, as simple as that, it just took us 5 steps to completely block websites. Hope you found it useful. Now I am going to tell you alternate method which is for Chrome browser only.

If you want to unblock websites then these proxy sites will help you out.

How To Block Websites On Chrome :-

If you want to block websites in chrome browser then you may download the extension – Block Site

This extension lets you block multiple sites and create of sites you want to block. Size of this extension is mere 1.3 MB.

chrome extension to block websites

Key features of Block Site Extension :-

* Block multiple websites.

* Block selected words, if you want that if any particular word appears in the URL then it should be blocked, then this extension is for you. For example you want to block all the URLs which contains the word “porn”, just add it to the list and all the websites with this word will be blocked automatically.

* Set days and timings for which the websites to be blocked.

* Set passwords, so that no one other than you can change the settings.

* Import and export the CSV files.

My personal favorite is the first method i.e Hosts file method as it blocks the websites for all users on all browsers but if your computer has chrome browser then this extension is the best.

Did you find the article useful ? So why not share it with the world. If you have any other method on how to block certain websites then do tell us.